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Boston College Basketball: Final Thoughts and Predictions vs. Michigan State

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

As the Boston College community begins its post-Thanksgiving dinner slumber, the Boston College Eagles basketball team takes on their biggest challenge of the year, the No. 3 Michigan State Spartans.

What To Watch For

  1. Denzel Valentine: Valentine will be one of the most dangerous scorers the Eagles will face. He dropped 29 on #5 Kansas a week ago. Nine of those points came from beyond the arc. As a team that struggles with giving up open looks from beyond the arc, the Eagles need to keep track of Valentine. If he gets into a groove, look out.
  2. Which Eli Carter Is Showing Up: Eli Carter's past two games in terms of scoring were almost identical. In both games, he did not have a single basket made from the field in the first half. He then had a very strong second half in both games. The Eagles need a full game from Carter, and he can't have another slow start.
  3. On The Road Again: This will be the first time the Eagles will be on the road this year. Will the young team struggle on the road, particularly given the fact that the game is on the other side of the country?

Random, Possibly Incorrect Fact From Michigan State's Wikipedia Page

Michigan State has a campus in Dubai.

Non-Alcoholic Beverage of The Game

Turkey Hill Lemonade

I'm home for the Thanksgiving holiday, so I will indulge in some local favorites. As of writing this, I already have had a Wawa hoagie, and have made plans to visit my local pretzel shop. The piece de resistance of my homecoming is this delicious drink. Some will say that other lemonades are better. They are wrong. Perfect for drinking with hoagies, cheesesteaks, pretzels, or if you're adventurous, Tastykakes. It can be found at your local Wawa.

Nobody have any idea what any of that meant, do you?

Rating The Mascot

Any mascot that is frequently featured in those stupid Capital One commercials around tournament time deserves an 10/10, due to awesomeness.

Who Would Win In A Fight, An Eagle or Spartan?

I'm going to have to say a Spartan here.

Can BC Win These Games?

Honestly, probably not. But that should not signify failure. If the Eagles play a competitive game, that means they are where they need to be right now. Remember, this is the No. 3 team in the country.

Philadelphia Big 5 Update You Don't Care About

The first Big 5 matchup of the year is tonight. La Salle comes to the Palestra to take on Penn. Also, 'Nova is No. 8 in the country. Not too shabby.

Final Thoughts and Predictions

I don't think that this will be a win. I do expect a semi-competitive game. 70-55 Sparty.

Writer Pick Explanation Points

70-55 MSU

I will be working the Interwebs during the Bailin family Thanksgiving celebration. I also got the bonus point for CCSU for picking the spread exactly. 4

74-65 Sparty


79-62 MSU

*crickets* 2

80-62 MSU


77-57 MSU

It won't feel that close. The Spartans will completely own the paint because BC will counter with guys who either aren't ready for that physicality or simply don't play that game. New Guy also got the Harvard bonus point for being closest to the spread.


75-70 BC

Because I'm feeling nice #GoEagles 3
John "Coach" Fidler

77-61 MSU

Physicality of the Spartans, particularly rebounding too much for young Eagles

Caleb 77-60 MSU
Kwani 75-60 MSU
Jeff N/A *crickets* 0
Bridget N/A *crickets* 0
Brian N/A *crickets* 0