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Boston College Basketball vs. St. Francis of Brooklyn: Final Thoughts and Predictions

Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Saint Francis of Assisi is probably one of the most well-known saints in the Catholic tradition. Because of his overall importance, and because he was a good guy, as is the case in the Catholic tradition, universities began to name themselves after the saint. Then two of those schools decided to join the same athletic conference, thus confusing everyone.

The college basketball season begins Friday night, with 12 games involving ACC teams, including one game with the #1 North Carolina Tar Heels taking on Temple (Go Owls!).

One day after the kickoff of the basketball schedule, BC will take on the St. Francis team from Brooklyn, N.Y., and not the one from the hopping, lively town of Loretto, Pennsylvania.

What to Watch For:

  1. Eli Carter: It's fairly obvious that the bulk of the Eagles' scoring is going to have to come from the transfer guard. Carter dropped 33 points on the Bentley Falcons in an exhibition Nov. 5. The Eagles' success is going to be dictated on how solid of a game Carter will have.
  2. I Can Has Perimeter Defensive Coverage?: The Eagles let Bentley get far too many open looks from the outside. That was a large part of the Falcons staying in the game with the Eagles. The Eagles can't let that happen.
  3. Will BC Play Like the Bigger Team?: BC got out-bodied on multiple occasions during the game against Bentley, despite having the bigger team. BC will have the size advantage again. Will they be able to capitalize?
  4. BONUS: Arthur's Typos: I already misspelled "Francis" a few times writing this article. I'm setting the over/under at five tweets sent with "Francis" misspelled on Saturday.
  5. ANOTHER BONUS: Arthur's Confusion: Seriously, how are there two St. Francis' in the same conference? Just from a branding standpoint that seems unwise.

Random, Possibly Incorrect Wikipedia Fact from St. Francis' Page

St. Francis is adding women's water polo for the 2016-17 season.


Oh wait, that's the St. Francis of Pennsylvania.

Hang on…

Random, Possibly Incorrect Wikipedia Fact from St. Francis OF BROOKLYN's Page

Really, the all caps are not necessary.

The Voice is the student newspaper of St. Francis. It is published four times a year.


Non-Alcoholic Beverage of the Game

(ed. note: the author of this post is not of legal drinking age. As he waits for his February birthday, he will include a weekly non-alcoholic beverage.)

Boylan Black Cherry Soda

Headquartered in New York, Boylan's take on a soda classic is easily one of the better black cherry sodas that I've had, edging out Stewarts. This drink goes down smooth, with a crisp, refreshing black cherry finish. It is the perfect amount of sweetness, but it is not overly sweet, as to be overpowering. This is definitely worth the $900.00 it would probably take to have this shipped to your home.

What makes this drink really good is if you freeze it, and it becomes sort of like a smoothie. That's delicious. But don't freeze it for too long! It will explode in your minifridge's freezer. And then your roommate will be angry. As, probably, would your RA.

Ranking Rocky the Terrier

Rocky is on his way to MSG for tonight's #SFBKMBB game - we hope to see you there!

A photo posted by St. Francis College Athletics (@sfbkterriers) on

Rocky the Terrier is easily a top 5 Terrier, although the picture of him on the subway kind of looks gloomy, (though is there a overly joyous way to sit on the subway? If so, let me know, I take the subway a lot and I look sad.)

The facial expression clearly has a lot of attention to detail, and that is not something that should go unrecognized. 8/10

Who Would Win In A Fight, An Eagle Or A Terrier?

You're kidding right?

We, as a Boston College blog, are going to have a discussion about whether or not a terrier of all things can beat an eagle?

A terrier?



Come on.

Can BC Win This Game?

I would think so.

Final Thoughts And Predictions

Before I give you my pick, I should make one note: through a mistake of the interwebs, Coach's pick never got to me. He picked 76-66 BC, which was the correct spread, and pretty close the actual score. Too bad it was an exhibition and I'm not counting it in the actual point total.

I'm taking BC in a 65-55 game. If BC doesn't get outbodied (St. Francis has a lot of rebounds historically), I think this will be a fairly easy game for them.

BUT, this is a team that won the NEC regular season last year. Don't take anything for granted. Besides, in a small, suburban Altoona, Pennsylvania town, basketball has to have a pretty big emphasis, right?

Oh wait, wrong St. Francis.

Writer Pick Explanation Points
Arthur 66-55 BC. I will be on press row. 0
Joe 81-50 BC I will be at the game, believe it or not. SHOOTYHOOPS!!!!!! 0
Grant 93-90 BC
A.J 69-68 BC 0
Dan 73-65 BC.

Only a team in Brooklyn can play at a place called the Generoso Pope Athletic Complex.
What worries me about this game is that Brooklyn went to the NIT with 23 wins last year. What doesn't worry me is that they went to the NIT because they were a mid major regular season champion that did not win its conference tournament, losing in the NEC finals to Robert Morris. Not a great league but still a team that should be a decent test for the Eagles.

Laura 72-62 BC. This is good because it will get me to start paying attention to basketball again. 0
Coach 72-62 BC #YOLO (Coach did not actually say this) 0
Caleb N/A 0
Kwani N/A 0
Jeff N/A 0
Bridget N/A 0
Brian N/A 0