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College Basketball Hate Map: Massachusetts Hates On Boston College

Not all that surprising, honestly.

Rich Barnes

Reddit user KMHokies35 is back with the latest "most hated" map series; this time tackling the most hated college basketball teams in each state.

The latest map on college basketball highlights some of the sports' most heated rivalries: Syracuse-Georgetown, Syracuse-Connecticut, Kansas-Missouri, Ohio State-Michigan, Kentucky-Florida, Pittsburgh-West Virginia and Oregon-Washington; to name a few.

Other states are of the self-loathing variety, including Louisville in Kentucky, Mississippi State, North Carolina, Creighton in Nebraska, Washington and Arizona State. Boston College falls into that second category, as the Eagles were voted the "most hated" program in the state of Massachusetts.

As one BCI contributor quipped, it's pretty amazing that anyone still gives a s--t about BC basketball, especially in light of the swift and painful downturn of the program. But it many ways, this makes some sense given BC's place as the only major conference program in the state. It's not Boston College fans hating on Boston College, but rather Boston University, Harvard, Holy Cross, UMass and Northeastern fans.

In other non-Massachusetts, New England states, the #OrangeEagle rivalry grows strong in Maine, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Far fewer outliers on this map as compared to the college football one, though Wyoming hating on Ohio State is a little strange. Duke, Kansas and Kentucky were popular choices on the hate map, with all three programs claiming several states that generally correspond to the states in the ACC, Big 12 and SEC's geographic footprint, respectively.