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30 For 30's 'Playing For The Mob': Who Do You Believe?

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Jim Sweeney and Henry Hill had different recollections of how the BC point shaving scandal came to be and who was involved. Who did you believe after watching the 30 for 30 production about the first time Henry Hill and Jim Sweeney met? The former Eagle or the admitted felon?

ESPN's latest 30 for 30 documentary 'Playing for the Mob' on the Boston College point shaving scandal got many BC fans and alum talking. It also exposed the scandal to many current BC students, fans and alum who were not even alive in 1979. In the documentary, Jim Sweeney's version of how events played out differed from how other people involved tell them. But specifically, let's see who you believe as to how the scandal first got started.

Henry Hill's version of the hotel room story

Sweeney and Kuhn showed up and Kuhn did cocaine in the other room. Kuhn and Sweeney just wanted to know how much money they could get out of the deal. Kuhn and Sweeney pulled out the schedule and circled 11 games that they would be favored and could keep the margin of victory down.

Jim Sweeney's version of the hotel room story

Rick Kuhn set up the meeting in the hotel room by telling Jim they were just going to have dinner. When he got to the room Henry Hill checked him for a wire. When it was just Henry Hill and Sweeney in the room Henry said "Rick told me you would be interested in betting on basketball games."

Sweeney said "No."

Henry said "C'mon Sweeney. I know you want in to this and I know you know this is an opportunity for you to make money. You're the perfect front for this."

Then Henry kept pressing as Sweeney declined and revealed he knew Sweeney's girlfriend's name saying, "How would your honey Maura feel is you had your [redacted] hanging from you neck as a necklace."