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Boston College Basketball: No Final Decision On Steve Donahue

So you're saying there's a chance?

Streeter Lecka

Despite Thursday's report in Sports Illustrated stating that Boston College men's basketball coach Steve Donahue would be retained for a fifth season, former BC Globe beat writer Mark Blaudschun is reporting that a final decision has not been made at this time. We have ourselves a good, old-fashioned source-off.

The official announcement was that there was no announcement. Steve Donahue is still the Boston College basketball coach. A reported by Sports Illustrated on Thursday night said that Donahue was coming back for a fifth season.

But according to sources at BC, no final decision has been made.

Blauds says a decision should come no later than Monday, though Eagle Action is reporting no announcement will be made today.

So this will drag on through the weekend. Awesome.

Steve Donahue is coming off an 8-24, 4-14 ACC year as coach of the Eagles. He's 54-76 (.415) in four years and just 24-44 (.353) in ACC play. Attendance and interest in the program has declined dramatically over the past four years under Donahue's watch, with the team drawing just 4,007 fans per home game in 2013-14. The program averaged 5,317 fans per home game during Skinner's final season on the Heights.

Add in the Vega's Globe report from earlier in the week and I officially have no idea who's staying, who's going or what to think, really. About the only thing I can confirm at this time is that Boston College will field a varsity men's basketball program next year, complete with a head coach, five starters and likely a few more home games. Maybe.