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VCU 69, Boston College 50: Eagles Sunk With Terrible Second Half Effort

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BC basketball loses again with terrible 2nd half effort.

Adam Hunger

Somehow, Boston College lost by 19 after managing to keep it a 5 point game at halftime ... all while scoring just 17 points in the first half. As if that sentence isn't confusing enough. The second half blowout was somewhat expected but still embarrassing and demoralizing nonetheless.

BC Interruption commenters summed up the performance best in the game thread:

Score update: VCU 13 - BC 10 at 11:07 in the 1st. RA looks really good and had three dunks. Heckmann looks like crap... he had one finger roll blocked, one finger roll didn't make it to the basketball, and just threw the ball away on the last possession.

by Tommykay

Ryan Anderson did look pretty good in this game and Heckmann did not. Sadly though, Heckmann was not the only Eagles player to air ball a shot within three feet of the basket on the evening. To save complete embarrassment of the second player, I will leave them nameless.

Here - I'll write it up for you guys.
We lost.
Real Bad.
No hope.
Sieve Onohue must go.


by bc1963

That does sum up the game. Donahue must go.

After the game he did say he are building a program and making progress. However, at this point the progress needs to be measured in wins. All the scoring from last years team returned and yet BC only has four wins through December. The defense continues to be the primary issue and I noticed at the game that they just do not communicate to each other on the floor. Many fans have noticed problems with rotations and team defense from watching the games so far this season. But without communication, are they even attempting to rotate or play team defense or are they all just out there trying to put in individual efforts?

Defense was hardly the primary problem Saturday night though. At one point in the second half BC was 1-for-14 from beyond the arc. For a team built to drive and kick out the ball for three-pointers, hitting less than two of your first 10 3-point attempts will never result in a win.

This season sadly seems completely over before the Eagles' second ACC game. I do not envision a scenario where BC turns it around or where Steve Donahue is the coach of this team next season. Assuming the program is heading in a new direction next year, they should be one of the first movers in the coaching search by letting Steve Donahue go midseason. In the second half there was a small but loud contingent of BC fans near the Eagles bench calling for Bruce Pearl to be the next BC head coach.

Boston College now looks forward to traveling to Harvard and playing the 11-1 Crimson on New Years Day.