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Auburn 77, Boston College 67: Eagles Fall To 4-8 On Season

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Another non-conference road/neutral game, another non-conference road/neutral loss.


I suppose this is where I write some things about Boston College basketball's performance this afternoon at Auburn. That would be difficult to do because I didn't watch the game, choosing instead to take a day-trip with my daughter to the aquarium. We had a delightful time. Thanks for asking.

I may watch it back on ESPN3 replay. Maybe. But really, what's the point?

Boston College fell to Auburn, 77-67, to drop to 4-8 on the season. I won't bore you with the details as you can read the Associated Press recap here.

When the extremely road/neutral-heavy schedule came out, fans pointed to the Auburn game -- as well as the USC game -- as one of the easier contests on the non-conference slate. Both games had a 1-1.5 point spread at tipoff. Boston College lost both by double digits.

The schedule Donahue put together was extremely road/neutral heavy to give the Eagles' postseason tournament resume numbers a boost heading into conference play. The only problem with that is you've got to win some of those games. BC is now just 1-6 in road/neutral non-conference games this season and well on its way to 1-8.

From a pure W-L standpoint, this team is headed towards a worse finish than Donahue's second-year squad, which finished the year 9-22 (4-12 ACC). Not exactly sure how that's possible with this year's team having virtually the same roster plus Olivier Hanlan. Hard to see where this squad is gonna pick up five more wins this season with two non-conference games -- vs. VCU at Barclays and at Harvard -- plus 15 more conference games in a now tougher ACC.

Unless this team pulls off the greatest rope-a-dope in college basketball history, which unlikely, this season is over. The only questions left are what comes next, and when will a move be made.

If you suffered through this game, I'm sorry. Leave your thoughts on the game below.