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VIDEO: ESPN's Andy Katz Recaps Men's Basketball Scrimmage Vs. St. Joseph's

Say what? 14 threes?!

In yesterday's video installment of ESPN's 3-point shot, Andy Katz recaps Boston College basketball's super secret scrimmage against Saint Josephs. Katz's explains that the NCAA told coaches that they can talk about preseason scrimmages to the media only after they occur.

Hit the video link above. Here's what Katz has to say:

So Boston College's Steve Donahue telling me that their scrimmage against St. Joe's produced 14 made threes for the Eagles in 40 minutes. The Eagles only allowed St. Joe's to attempt 11 threes. Donahue also saying that the new rules that allow more freedom of movement certainly will benefit the Eagles going forward. They are a team that likes to shoot a lot of threes and hoping that a lot of teams will zone them.

Say what? 14 threes?! I mean, save some for the regular season, boys. In three full seasons under Donahue, the Eagles have hit the 14 3-point total all of one time ... in last year's ACC Tournament opening round game vs. Georgia Tech (14-24). The program's media guide doesn't list out all-time single-game records for whatever reason but does list out Conte Forum records. That output matches the Conte Forum record 14-three pointers BC recorded in a 94-60 win over Harvard in 2007.

The additions of Alex Dragicevich (a 33.1% three point shooter in his two seasons at Notre Dame) should only help bolster the Eagles' barrage from beyond the arc this season. Let's hope the team continues it's hot shooting going into the season opener vs. Providence.

Among the various rule changes for college basketball this season, the NCAA has approved a change to how block/charge calls will be made.

Under the revised block/charge call in men's basketball, a defensive player is not permitted to move into the path of an offensive player once he has started his upward motion with the ball to attempt a field goal or pass. If the defensive player is not in legal guarding position by this time, it is a blocking foul.

Previously, a defender had to be in legal guarding position when the offensive player lifted off the floor.

The hope is that this rule change will give officials more time to determine block/charge and also open up the game offensively. In Division I games last season, teams averaged just 67.5 points a game, the lowest average since the 1981-82 season. This rule change should help to open things up even more for Boston College's offense. The downside, of course, is that it makes the job of an already-defensively challenged team that much more difficult.

As for hoping more teams will zone Boston College this season, I can think of one team in particular that will oblige them.