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Video: Boston College's Ryan Anderson And Olivier Hanlan Speak French, Spanish and Japanese

All-ACC? Nay, all-world.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday, all the ACC basketball player that attended today's media day festivities down in Charlotte were tossed into the photo booth and hilarity ensued. Here are Boston College teammates Ryan Anderson and Olivier Hanlan showing off their language skills inside the ACCDN Photo Booth.

Anderson noted that the rest of the league has taken notice of the Eagles' second half surge, but that the team needs to maintain the mentality of being the hunter as opposed to the hunted.

"I think that there is more of a sense that we belong here this year," Anderson said. "I think we gained a lot of respect from what we almost accomplished last season. But you can’t hang your hat on what you’ve almost accomplished. We’ve got to go out and be better this year because we want to do it. The main thing for us will be to keep on having the mentality that we’re the hunter, even when somebody else may be hunting for us."

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