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Maryland Is Still Having A Real Hard Time With Their Loss To Boston College

The Terps "can't stop thinking about that game" ... "can't stop thinking about that game."


Days after Boston College erased a seven point halftime deficit to defeat the Maryland Terrapins 69-58, the pain of losing to the lowly Eagles is still fresh in the minds of many Terps. Here's Dez Wells, who "can't stop thinking about that game ... can't stop thinking about that game." Repeated for emphasis, natch.

"With that being said, a win over Duke means nothing if you lose to a team that's not as great as Duke, which is Boston College. They're a really good team, but they're not Duke. You can't beat a team like Duke then lose to a team that doesn't have as much talent and doesn't have the caliber of coach that Duke has in Coach K."

So you're saying BC isn't Duke? Real groundbreaking stuff here, Dez. But wait, there's more.

"It's kind of like a contradiction in wins, to lose to a team like that."

No, that's not a contradiction. That's the sport of basketball, a series of contests between different programs in different locations on different days with independent outcomes.

If you do want to go down the past performance predicts future results path though, it may be worth pointing out here that the Eagles took the same Duke team down to the wire little over a week before the BC-Maryland game. Or that Boston College owns a 9-8 edge in the all-time series with Maryland, including an 8-5 record in ACC play.

It gets better. As the senior leader of the Terps, Wells won't be content with anything the Terps do because Maryland has such a young team.

"Being a leader of the team, I can’t be content with anything that we do, especially because we have young guys on the team, who don’t know the ins and outs of college basketball yet."

Maryland head coach Mark Turgeon echoed Wells' sentiment in his post-game presser.

"I don’t know if I’ve ever coached a team that’s this young, that I have to rely on [youth] so much," coach Mark Turgeon said. "I know their freshman [Olivier Hanlan] played really well tonight. This is new territory. I’ve been a head coach for 19 years, including my JV team and been coaching 26 years and this is new territory for me."

Wells and Turgeon playing the youth card after losing to a group of freshmen and sophomores is just the greatest.

I'm really going to miss these guys.