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Maryland 64, Boston College 59: Postgame Quotes

Reactions from Coach Donahue and Ryan Anderson following BC's 64-59 loss to Maryland.


-- Boston College Coach Steve Donahue on the performance: "Late in the second half they made shots. I thought we looked tired at that point of defense. I thought we guarded up until that point fairly well, but during that stretch they did a very good job. They got shots, they made them, and unfortunately I thought we lost our intensity at that point."

-- On dealing with close games: "I just told the guys that if they miss a foul shot there it's a one point game. You know what, it's not like Maryland didn't deserve to win and we deserved to win. We didn't play well enough to beat them on the road. Obviously, foul shooting is our Achilles heel right now, but the defensive side of the ball; we're grinding it out a little more."

-- On their poor start from three point range: "It wasn't a good sign. Obviously what we do is predicated on making threes, and I thought we got wide open shots. The other thing is that they made shots that they hadn't been making, and that's a credit to them. We had shots, but we didn't take advantage of them especially early. After that stretch, I thought we were pretty good from three."

-- On defending Alex Len: "He's a handful there's no doubt. I thought we did a good job of disrupting him. We got a couple charges and we got loose balls. He's a talented kid. He took 14 shots to get 16 points, so that's a pretty good job."

-- On how Maryland depth affected them: "I think their ability to go deep helps them for sure... I thought they were fresher at the end."

-- Sophomore forward Ryan Anderson on (yet) another close loss: "It is always tough to take when you take a loss. We just worked so hard in the offseason and we know we are better than this. The two freshmen add a lot to our team. We just have to find a way to finish games. There are a lot of little things we need to work on in the second half. They scored six straight times. It is the little things that are going to help us win these close games."

-- On keeping up the intensity for the whole game: "We talked about that in the locker room. We do not play as many guys as other ACC teams, so we really have to be on the same stream when we are out there on the floor. We play a lot of minutes together. We have to be on the same page, especially defensively."

-- On starting the game 0-8 from the three point line as a team: "I am confident in all of our shooters on the team. Anytime we start off slow and we are still in the game it is a positive. We got some good looks. They made some big shots down the stretch. We could not get stops for those six straight possessions."

-- On guarding Maryland Sophomore Forward Alex Len: "He is a talented player. To have that size, skill, and be that athletic is a tough cover. That is why he is going to the next level. He was a very physical player. I thought we had success when we got him moving."

-- On losing close games on the road: "Anytime you are in the game on the road it is a positive. You want to be in the game down the stretch and then make enough plays to win the game. I think last year we had longer stretches of time where we play bad basketball. This year it is just one or two possessions where we are playing bad basketball. If we cut out those bad possessions, especially at the end of the game, we will come out with a win."