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Boston College Basketball: Charting The Eagles Scholarship Situation

A closer look at the Eagles men's basketball scholarship situation following the news that guard Jordan Daniels will leave the program.

Kevin C. Cox

With today's surprising news that guard Jordan Daniels is leaving the program, I wanted to re-evaluate Steve Donahue's scholarship chart. Donahue inherited a near impossible scholarship situation and was forced to bring on seven scholarship players in the 2011 recruiting class as well as a handful of recruited walk-ons.

Back in May, Donahue added Notre Dame transfer Alex Dragicevich, adding even further imbalance to the scholarship count. With Daniels leaving the program, one scholarship spot frees up and gives the Don a bit more flexibility for recruiting future classes.

# No. Player Pos. 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17
1 15 Andrew Van Nest F X
2 4 Eddie Odio F X X X
3 5 KC Caudill C X X X
4 12 Ryan Anderson F X X X
5 20 Lonnie Jackson G X X X
6 24 Dennis Clifford C X X X
7 33 Patrick Heckmann G X X X
8 23 Alex Dragicevich G X X
9 21 Olivier Hanlan G X X X X
10 25 Joe Rahon G X X X X
11 Garland Owens F X X X X
Walk On 1 Steve Perpiglia G X X X X
Walk On 14 Drew Jacobs G X X X X
Walk On 13 John Cain Carney F X X X
Walk On 31 Danny Rubin G X X

The current scholarship count for the next four seasons is as follows:

2012-13: 10 scholarship players, 9 eligible (Dragicevich will sit out per NCAA transfer rules)
2013-14: 10 scholarship players
2014-15: 10 scholarship players
2015-16: 3 scholarship players

Daniels departure frees up another scholarship that can be used for the 2013 or 2014 class, but the Don is still significantly handicapped by the sophomore class when it comes to balancing the scholarship count over five years. Donahue now have three scholarship spots to be used over the 2013 and 2014 recruiting classes before he'll need to replace seven scholarship players in the 2015 class. It's not an ideal situation, but one that can be overcome with a bit of roster creativity. Either the sophomore class continues to thin out a bit after this season or BC can pick up transfers with only a few years of eligibility remaining to help alleviate the scholarship crunch.