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Boston College Basketball: Charting the Scholarship Future

A very different roster will greet the Conte faithful in November

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

With the approach of basketball season slowly making its way down Campanella Way, let's check in on the BC scholarship situation.

2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20
1 Darryl Hicks So_mediumG_medium Darryl Hicks Jr_mediumG_medium Darryl Hicks Sr_mediumG_medium OPEN OPEN
2 Idy Diallo Fr_mediumF_medium Idy Diallo So_mediumF_medium Idy Diallo Jr_mediumF_medium Idy Diallo Sr_mediumF_medium OPEN
3 Garland Owens Jr_mediumF_medium Garland Owens Sr_mediumF_medium OPEN OPEN OPEN
4 Ervins Meznieks Fr_mediumF_medium Ervins Meznieks So_mediumF_medium Ervins Meznieks Jr_mediumF_medium Ervins Meznieks Sr_mediumF_medium OPEN
5 Dennis Clifford Sr_mediumC_medium OPEN OPEN OPEN OPEN
7 Sammy Barnes-Thompkins Fr_mediumG_medium Sammy Barnes-Thompkins So_mediumG_medium Sammy Barnes-Thompkins Jr_mediumG_medium Sammy Barnes-Thompkins Sr_mediumG_medium OPEN
8 Eli Carter Sr_mediumF_medium OPEN OPEN OPEN OPEN
9 Matt Milon Fr_mediumG_medium Matt Milon So_mediumG_medium Matt Milon Jr_mediumG_medium Matt Milon Sr_mediumG_medium OPEN
10 Jerome Robinson Fr_mediumG_medium Jerome Robinson So_mediumG_medium Jerome Robinson Jr_mediumG_medium Jerome Robinson Sr_mediumG_medium OPEN
11 A.J. Turner Fr_mediumF_medium A.J. Turner So_mediumF_medium A.J. Turner Jr_mediumF_medium A.J. Turner Sr_mediumF_medium OPEN
12 OPEN Ty Graves Fr_mediumG_medium Ty Graves So_mediumG_medium Ty Graves Jr_mediumG_medium Ty Graves Sr_mediumG_medium
13 Johncarlos ReyesFr_mediumF_mediumC_medium Johncarlos ReyesSo_mediumF_mediumC_medium Johncarlos ReyesJr_mediumF_mediumC_medium Johncarlos Reyes Sr_mediumF_mediumC_medium


Compared to last season's roster, the Eagles have seen a significant amount of change.

It is certainly no mystery why the Eagles roster looks so much different. Aaron Brown, Eddie Odio and Alex Dragicevich all were lost due to graduation. Olivier Hanlan was drafted by the Utah Jazz. The icing on the cake came in early May when Will Magarity made the decision to transfer to Davidson to finish out his two years of eligibility.

Put simply, the Eagles are in a certain amount of trouble. Four starters from the final game of the Eagles' season last year are no longer with the team. Will Magarity who averaged 15.7 minutes per game last year would have certainly seen more playing time given the Eagles' roster attrition. He's now gone, and the Eagles are now left with a relative amount of youth at forward.

Essentially, don't expect the Eagles to be particularly strong around the basket.

One silver lining to the Eagles' forward situation might be A.J. Turner. Turner, a three star recruit on, averaged 15 points and six rebounds per game his senior year. He should be expected to play big minutes.

Another silver lining is the acquisition of transfer guard Eli Carter. Carter, who has bounced around from Rutgers to Florida and now to BC has had some reasonable amount of success, averaging 13.8 and 14.9 points per game in his freshman and sophomore years respectively. It should be noted, however, that Carter's sophomore year was cut short due to a broken fibula. His numbers dropped off a bit at 8.8 points per game his junior year as he was coming back from his injury. With some issues with youth on the team, however, Carter is going to play a major role for the Eagles in terms of scoring.

Looking ahead on the recruiting trail, with the loss of Dennis Clifford and Carter to graduation, BC will have three scholarships open for the 2016-17 season. According to, the Eagles have offered players such as Los Angeles native and three-star recruit Lucas Siewart and Worcester, Mass. native Kevin Marfo to come to BC for the 2016 season. If (and given the teams recruiting both these players, that's a big if) BC can bring at least one of these players to Conte Forum, it would add some depth to the forward core that could help complement the then veteran guards.

That leaves the impending departure of Dennis Clifford. While does not have records of BC targeting another center, forward/center combination Johncarlos Reyes is a highly touted recruit out of Georgia that should see a significant amount of playing time this year.

In short, this year's team will run into issues with much of its talent leaving. But with diligent recruiting, the Eagles can have a bright future building off some tools from this year.

Until then, this season might be a long one.

Tracking basketball scholarships is an art and not a science, so do feel encouraged to keep me honest in the comments or email us at if you notice any mistakes or oddities.