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Tommy Amaker Will Stay At Harvard, Rejecting Wake Forest

The Tommy Amaker narrative reaches dizzying new heights.

Harry How

I just ... I can't even.

Apparently Boston College wasn't the only suitor for the services of Harvard Crimson head coach Tommy Amaker. According to Mark Blaudschun of, Wake Forest also was in hot pursuit of Amaker, going so far as to offer him the position without even so much as an interview.

Wake Forest called as well and offered Amaker what BC did not-no process-and a tentative offer to come back into the Atlantic Coast Conference.

But such a move would require Amaker to leave Boston. Amaker thought about it, talked about with his wife Stephanie Pinder-Amaker, who is a licensed clinical psychologist on staff at the Harvard Medical School, and they told Wake Forest, thanks, but no thanks. They had a great life at Harvard, loved the city and were not ready to give it up.

Blaudschun also reports that because BC was unwilling to bend to Amaker's "no process" demands, discussions broke off after that. In order to reject something, you need to be offered, so you can go ahead and reject the Amaker rejection narrative. But Wake Forest? The Demon Deacons totally got rejected by Amaker's decision to remain at Harvard.

How do you like them apples?