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Boston College Basketball Coaching Search: Walta Interested, Amaker Offended, Calhoun Not Interested

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Boston College men's basketball coaching hire watch, day 7: No new news ... but here are updates on the coaches that aren't going to get the job but are floating their names in the press anyway.

The Herald is reporting that Boston Celtics assistant coach Walter McCarty is on the list of candidates for the position, and the former Louisville assistant is very interested:

"I'm very interested," said McCarty, who spent 71⁄2 years as a player for the Celts. "I want to be highly considered. I love the city. I have great ties in the city. I have a great foundation here, especially with recruiting.

"If you look at Louisville's 2013 national championship team, four of those five starters were my guys. So I'm very confident in my ability to coach and lead a program. I think that I'm ready."

Current C's and former Butler coach Brad Stevens supports the move:

"I think our staff is great," Stevens said. "Those guys, should they decide they want to do something like that, they'd all do a great job, and Walter would certainly do a great job. "That said, I don't know the ins and outs of that, so I don't feel it's right for me to comment on it beyond that."

Meanwhile, Harvard coach Tommy Amaker is reportedly withdrawing his name from consideration for the position. He's offended at the thought of having to interview for the BC gig. Take it away, Blaudschun.

He felt that he was beyond the point of auditioning. If you wanted him, offer him the job. If you didn't want him, don't bother calling. He did that when he was hired by Seton Hall. He did that when he was hired by Michigan. He did that when Harvard hired him seven years ago.

I sincerely hope that all the Amaker-to-BC articles penned by the Boston media are successful in landing the Crimson coach a raise, because other than for that exact purpose, they seem to have been a giant waste of our time.

Finally, Former UConn coach Jim Calhoun now says that he has NO interest in the vacant Boston College head coaching position.

This is what you say after the school lets you know that they have no interest in hiring you as its next men's basketball coach.