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Boston College Basketball: Charting The Eagles Scholarship Situation

Post Lonnie Jackson news.

Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

With yesterday's news that senior guard Lonnie Jackson will be shelved for the year with a lower leg injury, let's take a look at the hoops scholarship situation over the next few seasons.

2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19
1 Darryl Hicks Fr_mediumG_medium Darryl Hicks Fr_mediumG_medium Darryl Hicks So_mediumG_medium Darryl Hicks Jr_mediumG_medium Darryl Hicks Sr_mediumG_medium
2 Idy Diallo Fr_mediumF_medium Idy Diallo Fr_mediumF_medium Idy Diallo So_mediumF_medium Idy Diallo Jr_mediumF_medium Idy Diallo Sr_mediumF_medium
3 Garland Owens So_mediumF_medium Garland Owens Jr_mediumF_medium Garland Owens Sr_mediumF_medium OPEN OPEN
4 Will Magarity So_mediumF_medium Will Magarity Jr_mediumF_medium Will Magarity Sr_mediumF_medium OPEN OPEN
5 Dennis Clifford Jr_mediumC_medium Dennis Clifford Sr_mediumC_medium OPEN OPEN OPEN
6 KC Caudill Sr_mediumC_medium KC Caudill Sr_mediumC_medium OPEN OPEN OPEN
7 Lonnie Jackson Sr_mediumG_medium Lonnie Jackson Sr_mediumG_medium OPEN OPEN OPEN
8 Olivier Hanlan Jr_mediumG_medium Olivier Hanlan Sr_mediumG_medium OPEN OPEN OPEN
9 Dimitri Batten Sr_mediumG_medium Matt Milon Fr_mediumG_medium Matt Milon So_mediumG_medium Matt Milon Jr_mediumG_medium Matt Milon Sr_mediumG_medium
10 Patrick Heckmann Sr_mediumG_medium Jerome Robinson Fr_mediumG_medium Jerome Robinson So_mediumG_medium Jerome Robinson Jr_mediumG_medium Jerome Robinson Sr_mediumG_medium
11 Aaron Brown Sr_mediumF_medium A.J. Turner Fr_mediumG_medium A.J. Turner So_mediumG_medium A.J. Turner Jr_mediumG_medium A.J. Turner Sr_mediumG_medium
12 Eddie Odio Sr_mediumF_medium OPEN Ty Graves Fr_mediumG_medium Ty Graves So_mediumG_medium Ty Graves Jr_mediumG_medium
13 Alex Dragicevich Sr_mediumF_medium OPEN OPEN OPEN OPEN

Open scholarships by year:

2014-15: 0
2015-16: 2
2016-17: 5
2017-18 & 2018-19: 7

Assumes: Hicks gets the full four years, redshirt year for Diallo, redshirt year for Jackson, Caudill's back, Hanlan's back.

A lot of assumptions, but good news for Jim Christian on the scholarship front. Had everyone stayed healthy, the first-year Eagles coach would have been facing the prospects of replacing 7-8 scholarship players in 2015-16.

As it stands now, should guys like Jackson and Caudill apply for and receive medical redshirts, and should Hanlan return for his senior season, Christian will have several of this year's key contributors around next year. Throw in the three-man recruiting class of Milon, Robinson and Turner, and a healthy Hicks and Diallo, and there are a surprising number of dece weapons on next year's roster. Go out and grab another impact fifth year transfer and BC just might be able to cobble together a solid, but very young, roster in 2015-16.

The scholarship balance above is also much more manageable for the staff moving forward. Bring in a few four-year recruits a year over the next few recruiting classes and the extreme scholarship imbalance that started under Skinner, and continued under Donahue, almost completely goes away over 1-2 classes. For a long time it was looking like there was really no way out of that situation under Donahue.

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