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Boston College Basketball vs. Georgia Tech: Q&A with From The Rumble Seat

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0-5 Eagles. 0-6 Yellow Jackets. #goacc. Let's get to it.

BC Interruption: BC and Georgia Tech are both 0-5 in the conference but for the most part, have played very competitively even in those losses. You guys in particular have been so close, no loss greater than seven points. What's the scoop? Is this team ready to turn a corner, or is the wear and tear of losing games like this taking a toll?

From the Rumble Seat: Since you asked this question, Georgia Tech had their worst loss of the season in a blowout against Virginia. The Jackets scored an unbelievable 28 points in the game and were doubled up by the Cavaliers. The offense has seen very little improvement as the year has gone on, and I don't see any corners being turned soon, even if Tech is able to win a few conference games.

BCI: I thought Brian Gregory was a great hire when the Jackets landed him, solid as a head coach at Dayton and great pedigree from the Tom Izzo coaching tree. This is year four though and things still seem to be in neutral, and one could argue—this year—slightly in reverse. What's the take both from the experts and the fans on the Gregory era in Atlanta?

FTRS: Almost every fan has seen enough of the Gregory era in Atlanta. Many were fed up before this season even started, but everyone seems to be now. His recruiting has been very sub-par despite being in a great area for basketball talent, and he hasn't been able to put a formidable offensive attack on the floor very often during his tenure. Most seem to think he would already be done here, but Paul Hewitt is still being paid from his previous contract, and I doubt the athletic department wants to be paying three head basketball coaches at the same time.

BCI: On the surface, BC and Georgia Tech are really similar. Not only from the record perspective, but stylistically as well...poor 3-point field goal shooting, low possessions per game, limited offensively, pretty good defensively; really right down the line the numbers are similar, until you get to rebound margin. The Jackets are plus 9.3 to BC's virtually even. Seems like a real strength. Where do you see Tech's team's strengths most impacting the Eagles?

FTRS: I see the main strength being the one you already noted. Rebounding has really been the only thing that has kept Tech competitive this season. The offensive rebounding has been huge to help Tech get some easy looks at the basket, and the defensive rebounding has been a huge part in limiting teams from scoring and is a big factor as to why the defense has been pretty solid for the most part. Demarco Cox and Charles Mitchell are two huge bodies down low, and whenever Tech gets their first conference victory, it'll probably be due to a monster performance by the two of them.

BCI: Marcus Georges-Hunt has had three very solid games against BC during the past two seasons and is leading this year's team in scoring. Talk a bit about how his game has evolved as well as who else the Eagles and their fans should be concerned about come this weekend?

FTRS: Even though his jump shot has failed to gain much momentum this season, Georges-Hunt has been able to focus his game on driving to the basket and making tough shots inside or getting to the free throw line. Not having a dangerous outside game has limited him a little bit, but he has made up for it with being able to get to the rim often and effectively. Looks for MGH to try to get to penetrate as much as possible, and if BC begins to collapse on him, he's been good about dumping off to the big men for easy layups. The other guy to watch is Charles Mitchell, who has been the only other consistent threat on offense. He's got a fairly polished post game, an above average short-to-midrange jumper, and like I said, an extremely high motor for getting offensive rebounds.

BCI: As mentioned earlier, both teams have had troubles scoring. BC is currently 215th in the country in points per game and Tech just ahead of them at 193. Are the Jackets due to break out or are we more likely to see a 42-41 game?

FTRS: It's hard to say at this point. It really depends on if the outside shot has any success. The few games the Jackets have been able to make some jumpers, they've really been able to explode and have some impressive offensive outputs. The game that mainly comes to mind is the first Notre Dame game, where they were able to score at will for most of the day and took the Irish to overtime in a thrilling game. I'd say 42-41 may be a little low, but I'd say 55 points will give either a team a very good chance at a victory on Sunday.

BCI: OK, prediction time. You have to think both teams are feeling this is their chance. Who gets off the schneid and wins this one and why?

FTRS: I'd be shocked if this game ever got to a double-digit scoring margin. Both teams fight to stay in games and neither has shown much of a capability to go out and run away with one. Tech's last performance has to have them feeling pretty low, and I'm not sure how they're going to react in the first game back. I'm expecting a rough offensive performance from the Jackets, and the Eagles will finally get their first conference victory. Boston College wins 58-53.