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Boston College Basketball: ACC Opponents For Next Two Seasons Released

Boston College gets home-and-homes with Miami and Pitt next year; Clemson and North Carolina the following year.

Rich Barnes

On Tuesday, the ACC released the 18-game conference pairings for the 2014-15 and 2015-16 seasons. Let's take a closer look at the draw for Boston College:

Boston College: 2014-15
Home/Road: Syracuse, Notre Dame, Miami, Pittsburgh
Home: North Carolina, Wake Forest, NC State, Virginia, Louisville
Road: Florida State, Georgia Tech, Clemson, Duke, Virginia Tech

Boston College 2015-16
Home/Road: Syracuse, Notre Dame, Clemson, North Carolina
Home: Florida State, Miami, Georgia Tech, Duke, Virginia Tech
Road: Wake Forest, NC State, Virginia, Louisville, Pittsburgh

In addition to BC's permanent scheduling partners Notre Dame and Syracuse, the Eagles draw Miami and Pittsburgh twice next season and Clemson and North Carolina the following year. No telling which programs will be good two years from now, but it would seem that BC dodged a bullet here.

The Eagles get to host Louisville for the first ACC meeting between the two programs. At first glance, next year's home slate is very strong, with home games against Syracuse, North Carolina, Louisville and defending ACC champion Virginia. No Duke home game will give the ticket office a sad, but there's no shortage of strong programs coming to the Heights in 2014-15. Given how strong the home slate is next season, the road sched appears fairly manageable with games against Miami, Georgia Tech, Clemson and Virginia Tech.

You would expect the home schedule the following year to lighten, but fortunately North Carolina rotates onto the home-and-home sched proving a little boost. That gives the Eagles home games against Syracuse, Notre Dame, North Carolina and Duke the following year. Not too shabby.

We'll have more on the pairings because ... offseason. But for now, initial thoughts and concerns?