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Boston College Women's Basketball Falls To Hofstra 75-61

Boston College Women's basketball is now 6-5 after Sunday's loss to Hofstra University. The Eagles still have two more games until they start playing their Atlantic Coast Conference rivals, but are they ready?

It has been an interesting journey so far with BC women's basketball, but the future still remains a mystery. After an 75-61 loss to Hofstra, it's clear that a great deal needs to be done before the Atlantic Coast Conference schedule begins.

Although a team's talent should be not be analyzed solely on their conference rivals, it is also necessary to note that their Atlantic Coast match-ups will be the core of their season. The teams they have been playing so far are not terrible, yet they still do not compare to the level of competition from the ACC. It must be acknowledged that this loss gave Hofstra their third win over a power-conference school since 2012, in addition to the current head coach's first ACC win. This is a notable achievement for a member of the Colonial Athletic Association, but shows that the Eagles need to diagnose this problem before January 4th.

During Sunday afternoon's match, freshman center Quandt dropped the first shot, giving Boston College the initial 2-0 lead. However, once Hofstra scored, they would keep the lead for 36:09 of the game.

By halftime, Hofstra led 34-26. The Hofstra Pride were 36.7% with field goals and 16.7 with three pointers. In contrast, BC's first half consisted of 29.2 field goal percentage, and a 25% completion of three point shot. Though the Eagles had a higher percentage with 3 pointers than Hofstra, they did not attempt as many as the Pride did. The teams were tied with their free throw percentages as both team were 10 for 13 at the line.

Junior guard Nicole Boudreau led the Eagles with 18 points, and sophomore guard Kelly Hughes followed with 17.

By the end of the game the Eagles were 32.1% in field goals in contrast to a 37.3% from Hofstra. BC led with a three point percentage of 38.1 and completed free throws at a 85% rate.

This is not to say that Boston College is a bad team. They have all the necessary elements to be a winning team, but they need more consistency. As seen through their numbers across the board, they have what it takes to win, but lack the stamina to maintain stability on both ends of the court.

On the bright side, it seem that head coach Erik Johnson is aware of the situation before him. As pointed out in the post-game press conference, he explained that the team is still in the stage where one component will go well and they will "fall in another component." His diagnosis was right on point when he further pointed out, "It's not like this team can't defend, we just not defending consistently's not like we can't rebound, we're just not rebounding consistently enough."

The Eagles have two games before they play their first ACC opponent in Miami, but there is still a lot of time for improvement. Now that academics have been put on hold for three weeks, the players will have time to focus solely on basketball. Hopefully this time will serve as an opportunity for the team to work on their endurance, both offensively and defensively. Once they are able to further sharpen their skills and improve all areas of their game, there is no limit on how far they will go in their conference.

The Eagles will return to Chestnut Hill on the 28th to host the Providence Friars at 1pm ET.