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Boston College Basketball: Eagles NOT LAST in ACC Media Poll

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Can we consider this an upset? I think we can.

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

The ACC Media Poll was released on Wednesday, with excitement and predictability owning supreme. Continuing its love affair with Tobacco Road, Duke and North Carolina ranked first and second in the selections. Louisville slated third for its first year in the conference, with Virginia fourth and Syracuse fifth.

Down in the lower third of the conference, we bottom dwellers from Boston College are hanging out with the usual suspects - Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech. But in the first somewhat upset of the Eagles season, the knights of the keyboard selected Boston College 14th out of 15 teams, ahead of only the Hokies.

BC's 14th place selection was by a wider margin than expected, and the Eagles were actually closer to 13th place Georgia Tech than they were to the basement.

ACC Preseason Rankings

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