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Boston College Vs. Tulane/Utah (NCAA Regional Final): How To Watch, Game Info, & More!

We don't know if it'll be Tulane or Utah, but this is how you'll be able to catch the Eagles make their first attempt at winning the Oxford Regional

Courtesy BC Athletics | Josh McCoy

Game Day Info

First Pitch: 6 PM
Venue: Oxford-University Stadium/Swayze Field, Oxford, Mississippi (Capacity: 10,323)

So here's the deal. Utah plays Tulane at 2 PM EST at Swayze Field. Whoever wins that game earns the right to play a second game today - against the awaiting Boston College Eagles. Whoever loses that game is eliminated.

There is about an hour break in between the two games, meaning the game time could be pushed back depending on how long it goes. But that's what you need to know about how we figure out who the Eagles play.

Whoever wins draws BC. If BC loses, they play again on Monday night. If BC wins, it's over. The winner's bracket team has the decided advantage in this scenario because a team essentially has to win three games in two days. At the same time, they have to go all out in order to earn the right to play another game an hour after the first game's completion. It's doable, and it's certainly been done before. But it's going to be a crazy day at the office to get there.

How to Watch & Listen

TV: None
Internet Streaming: Available via ESPN3
Live Stats: Available by clicking here

The entire weekend is exclusive to ESPN3, with only the Super Regionals round getting national exposure (save for select feature games with national powerhouse-type programs). As a result, the only way to catch the Eagles today will be on your Internet provider stream.

Both Utah and Tulane have sent radio teams, but you have to assume they'll only do games if their teams advance. I don't know how their programming works, so my recommendation is to just watch via the Internet stream.

Get Social

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You also need to add me @DanRubin and @BCInterruption. We'll be tweeting during the game because that's what we do. Our stuff is what Internet legends are made of.