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Miami 9, Boston College 4: BC Postgame Quotes

Hear from the coach and players after BC's season ends in Miami

Courtesy of, here's a transcript of BC's postgame press conference after Sunday's 9-4 loss to Miami. Included is Mike Gambino's reaction to the 7th inning, benches-clearing incident.


Opening statement

"I want to start off by congratulating coach [Jim] Morris and the University of Miami baseball program, that
team, that athletic department. Seems like they are there [at the College World Series] almost every year and
they are back this year, so I want to congratulate them."

On the umpires

"I thought the umpiring crew did a great job thisweekend with a couple close calls, I thought they were great all weekend."

On the support of the BC community

We cannot be here without our administration, so I want to thank all of them. It was awesome to see we had so many former players here this weekend and parents. There was a while there yesterday after that rain delay where it felt like a home game, we had so many people here so I want to thank them.

On BC's assistant coaches

I do not think anyone works harder than our assistant coaches here. I think Jim Foster is the best pitching coach in the country. It was a lot of work to get these boys here to have a chance to go to Omaha and we were one win away from that.

On the benches-clearing incident in the 7th...

You never want to see the benches clear or see a little scuffle [like] what just happened. But in our program we talk about character, toughness and class in how we carry ourselves on the field, off the field, in the classroom, when we travel. I think our boys play hard, I think they play the game the right way, I think they respect the game [and I think] they respect their opponents. That's where the character and class part comes in. You never want to see the benches clear, but I am proud of my boys because that's where the toughness comes in. When that came up, they had each other's backs. So, I am proud of them for that. You never want that to happen, but I think in that situation we fell back to our core values of character, class and toughness."

On the future of the Boston College program...

"This team this year built off what the team last year did and is working to get to a spot where we want to be,
which is to be having these press conferences all the time in the postseason. The goal is to have a chance to
go to Omaha every year. That's hard, it's really hard. It is ridiculous what Miami does, to go [to the College
World Series] the amount of times they do. It's hard just to get where we are now. It's amazing what this
program here [at Miami] does. I am proud of this year's team to develop and get this program to a spot where it
has not been before. Now it's up to next year's team to continue to get to the level where we want it to be."

On a new facility at Boston College...

"I am confident that [Boston College President] Father [William P.] Leahy and [Director of Athletics] Brad Bates
will help us with a new facility. There are three things that are important to us. First and foremost, can we
develop our boys? That is what this is all about here. That goes to our Jesuit values, our care for the whole
person. Can we have a facility where our boys can reach their potential on the field which allows them to also
reach their potential in the classroom? So, can we develop our boys, can we host a regional? We have showed
that we are in a situation now we believe this program can be in the conversation to host a regional. Can we
create a great fan atmosphere? Because we have showed at the ‘Birdcage' [at Shea Field] that people are
going to come watch. So, I believe they will help us build a facility that we can all be proud of."

On his overriding emotion...

"I am thinking about how much I love these boys and how much they love each other and how proud I am of


On his four years at Boston College...

"I am proud of my class. I am proud of everyone. These are my best friends, so right now I am sad that it is
over. Like coach [Gambino] always says, ‘Leave it better for the next guy,' and I think that is what we did as a
class. So, hopefully it will keep moving forward and that is all we can do. It's been a great four years."


On elimination games...

"We like to stay in a game no matter what. Down by 10, down by 15, we like to keep each other in the game,
keep chipping away, get base runners and come up with clutch hits when we can. We take pride in staying in a
game, not giving up."