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Boston College Vs. Northeastern: First Pitch

Hey, remember when BC won that Beanpot?

Courtesy BC Athletics

Northeastern Huskies vs. Boston College Eagles
First Pitch: 3 PM

It was barely two weeks ago that Boston College hoisted a trophy Northeastern wanted.

It was the Beanpot's championship game, and despite the Huskies holding tight through three innings, one run in the fourth and fifth were chased by two runs int he sixth and four runs in the seventh. By the time the Huskies got on the board in the ninth, they faced an 8-0 deficit.

Boston College won that Beanpot championship title on the strength of a staff outing. They received two innings from two pitchers, then closed it out with single innings out of a number of different arms. It negated a good start from Northeastern's Nate Borges.

For the second time this season, Boston College will face off with the Huskies, only this time it'll be on friendlier territory. The Eagles host Northeastern today at 3 PM in a game between Boston city rivals.

On Paper

Record: 23-19 (7-7 Colonial Athletic Association)
Last Time Out: Since a five game losing streak that included the BC loss and a sweep at the hands of William & Mary, the Huskies have been on fire. They beat Hartford yesterday by a 4-3 decision, their third one-run ballgame in their recent four game winning streak.

Last weekend, they beat Central Connecticut State, taking the first game, 2-1, before sweeping a doubleheader, 8-4 and 7-6.

Around The Horn

Northeastern's offense wasn't completely shut down the first time around against BC; they mustered seven hits, but they came predominantly from three sources.

Leadoff hitter Keith Kelly went 2-5 with an RBI, and both Jake Farrell and Mason Koppens went 2-4. The remainder of the lineup, however, went a combined 1-21. It's worth looking into if the Huskies make changes off that lineup or make an adjustment since they're likely to face a combination of the same pitching arms as they did 14 days ago.

Other than that, there's not much else to report out. It's only a one-game series in a non-conference game, which makes the game a wild card. After yesterday's one-run game against URI and last week's blowout loss to Bryant, you can understand how unpredictable some of these games really are.

On The Bump

Northeastern's pitching wasn't a problem two weeks ago, especially starting pitcher Nate Borges. Borges didn't appear against Hartford, which leaves open the door that the Eagles will face him once more.

Against BC, Borges went five innings, allowing only one earned run on five hits. He didn't walk anyone and struck out two, keeping his pitch count efficient at 66 throws. Overall, he did enough to keep his team in the game, and that's all NU could've asked for back then.

Will Jahn struggled, giving up six runs on seven hits, but he still struck out four and walked one. He was capable of hitting his spots, which is something that can doom any pitcher. A bad stat line doesn't define a pitcher's ability to hit his throws.

Meteorology 101

This is one of those weeks where Mother Nature just does not want to cooperate. The game needs to need to be played between raindrops, especially since the chance of precipitation increases as the day goes on. The thickest prediction for rain comes after 4 PM, which falls right during the thick of the game at BC. Chances for rain will be at about 50% at first pitch, but it's going to go up to 75% and 80% before nightfall.

As for temperatures, it's not going to be terribly cold, reaching up into the low 50s. If nothing else, temperatures shouldn't drop much since overnight lows are only in the mid-40s.

Where in the World is Boston College Baseball?

The Eagles return home after a one-game trip down to URI to take on Northeastern. That's both good news and bad news.

It's good news because BC's been drawing better and is gaining traction on campus with fans and supporters. A midweek 3 PM game might just draw just enough, especially against Northeastern, to keep the vibes of a home field advantage going.

It's bad news because rain and wet conditions do not help the Eagles one bit at home. The field is natural grass, which is going to bog it down and make it sloppy or soggy, as opposed to artificial turf which could be swept clean without issue.

Music to Get Soaked With

Eric Clapton - Let It Rain.

This has been an absolute crazy year for weather in the spring. We got through the winter completely unscathed from snow, but then we got hit with a freak snow storm to start April. There have been more midweek games either postponed or cancelled due to rain than I can remember in the past, and it's really something else that yet another week is coming with rain in the forecast.

I don't mind playing baseball in the rain, and I'm willing to bet none of the Eagles do either. So I'm hoping that it doesn't soak with pouring rain, and that a spattering or drizzle happens. It'll be cold, wet, windy, and soggy - perfect weather for the tough, rugged Birdballers to get out there.

Hey, if you can't beat it, right?

Side note - the Clapton guitar solo from this song is just absolutely ridiculous. A rock god at the height of his power illustrating to us why he's a rock god.

Random Fact(s) Of The Week

You know what, I'm going to skip this. There really isn't much else to go over without just cycling back to the original First Pitch of the Northeastern/Beanpot game.

Prediction Time

I feel like this game is just a thing, which is what makes it dangerous. I'm trying really hard to keep from staring at the calendar for the Wake Forest series, especially with the announcement of Pete Frates' number/jersey retirement, and that's probably what scares me the most about this game.

Boston College cannot get caught napping. If the Eagles want to remain in the hunt for a potential at-large bid in the NCAA Tournament, they have to handle business in these games. It's what makes these games "must win," even though there are times that, from a bird's eye view, the game doesn't offer much. The team has to stay focused, take care of business today, and then move onto the Deacs.