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BC Should Totally Drop Baseball To Add Men's Lacrosse

This is still a thing, right?

What's up, guys? It's me. I've been asleep since the Frozen Four in my annual hibernation mode waiting for October, so I haven't been paying attention to anything happening in sports. I'm sure nothing interesting has happened! But I figured it was time for me to briefly wake up to file the annual "Well, BC baseball season is almost over, so I think it's time to talk about how BC should drop baseball" report.

This is still a thing, right?

We all agree on the following indisputable facts:

  • Boston College baseball has been having bad seasons, and we know that when a team is having a bad stretch of seasons, it means they are going to be bad forever.
  • If a rebuild process is uneven, the only way a team can ever improve is by firing everyone.
  • It is not possible for BC to be competitive in baseball, there's just not enough talent around here to be anything but a doormat in the ACC.
  • Even if the BC baseball team somehow managed to have a good season, nobody would care, nobody would be excited, and we'd definitely never see Shea Field so full of people that people are hanging on the roof of the parking garage.
  • Oh, and there's certainly no way this hypothetical success (if it ever happened, which it won't) would be noticed or appreciated by any national or local media figures.
  • Despite the fact that competing for titles in the ACC, which is brutally difficult in basically any sport, has been challenging for BC, we would totally be amazeballs right away in lacrosse, because reasons.

Therefore, with all these facts clear, it's obvious that BC should drop the baseball program. I mean, why bother, right?

OK, that was the annual "let's drop baseball" post. Gonna go ahead and program this to drop again next May. Goodnight everyone! See you in October!