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Boston College Baseball: Latest MLB Mock Draft Sees Justin Dunn As Top 20 Pick says Dunn will go 20th with the caveat that "he might not make it this far."

Courtesy BC Athletics | John Quackenbos

Games at Boston College have become something of an event when Justin Dunn pitches. The number of scouts rival that of the highest-profile Cape Cod Baseball League games, with a bevy of radar guns and notepads all transfixed on the Eagles right-handed ace.

Before the season, Dunn was a top 100 projection, the kind of guy who goes in the first five rounds for a reach but projected more to the sixth round. But a move to the rotation coupled with a couple of high-profile, big wins now project him into the first round, likely to hear his name called sooner rather than later when MLB franchises convene in early June.

In the latest projection coming from - the flagship website of Major League Baseball - Dunn moved up yet again. They currently project him to go 20th overall to the Los Angeles Dodgers, the team that selected the righty out of high school and the team originally projected to take him at #32.

The Dodgers have three picks in the first round of the draft. They have the 20th pick, which is theirs based on finishing record last year. But they also have the 32nd pick coming as a compensation pick for Arizona's signing of starting pitcher Zack Greinke and the 36th pick for a failure to sign first round draft pick Kyle Funkhouser, a right-handed pitcher out of Louisville and who they took with the 35th pick a year ago.

The 36th pick comes as part of the Competitive Balance A round after the first round.

The Dodgers were originally rumored to take Dunn in the 32nd slot, but projects that they'll grab him with the 20th pick so to as not have to wait 12 extra picks to take a run at him. But they also project that Dunn might not be there by the time the Dodgers get around to taking him since there are a number of teams with a dearth of pitching arms in the farm system - namely the Seattle Mariners at #11 and the Boston Red Sox at #12. Both of those logos, for what it's worth, have been spotted around Shea Field.

Where Dunn lands is a matter of conjecture, but the major publications all seem to think he'll need to get used to the west coast. Baseball America had Dunn in the first round a week ago at the #32 slot to LA, but he's since been replaced there by Alec Hansen of Oklahoma. As a result, BA no longer has Dunn in the first round.

But Perfect Game USA still thinks the Dodgers will take a run at the righty with their third first round pick; they have Dunn going to LA with the 36th overall pick (subscription required). PG's Jheremy Brown has been to Shea Field a number of times to see Dunn and has put together some great scouting video on the righty's velocity and mechanics.

Where Dunn lands is going to be a matter of conjecture, but for the time being, his stock continues to rise, and there's no questioning that he's on the radar to be taken incredibly high within the MLB rank and file.