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Boston College Baseball Vs. Virginia: How To Follow, Game Info, & More

It's been a weird weather week in New England, highlighted by a tropical soaker all day yesterday. Will we get three games against Virginia?

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

After a super soaker kind of week where BC had four game erased by weather, the Eagles take to the Birdcage to welcome the defending national champions in an interdivisional matchup.

Game Day Info

Friday First Pitch: 2:30 PM
Saturday First Pitch: 1:30 PM
Sunday First Pitch: 1:00 PM
Venue: Eddie Pellagrini Diamond at John Shea Field, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts (Capacity: 1,000)

How To Watch/Listen To The Game

Internet Streaming: N/A
Audio: WZBC Sports
Live Stats: Available through Boston College

Boston College is now advertising audio availability through WZBC Sports, which is the student radio resource for the school. Great to see them fully integrated and involved with the baseball program.

Important time for a note here that people might not know. Mike Gambino is a huge proponent of the BC student populace to the point where following games he's made me wait to talk to him so he can talk to the students first. I respect that, since as he put it to me, "I always have to do the students first. All of this is about them."

That's a tremendous attitude to have, and I'm a big fan of it. I have no problem waiting so the students can get first crack. I'm a 30 year old guy covering college sports - I'm pretty sure I have nowhere to go.

Get Social

As always, the Twitter machine has you covered to take care of your Birdball fix. Boston College's main twitter account can be found by going to @BCBirdball, while you can catch the Virginia team stream at @UVAbaseball.

We've got you covered on our Twitter bags as well at @BCInterruption and @DanRubin12