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Boston College Baseball: Eagles Honoring Wounded Warriors This Weekend

Because you can never do enough to rally for the troops.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

For the fourth consecutive year, the Boston College Eagles will honor veterans by hosting a Wounded Warrior Project baseball game at Shea Field as part of the Atlantic Coast Conference schedule. The baseball team will don camouflage uniforms and take part in events designed to allow the Birdball family to work with veterans while at the same time providing members of the Armed Forces a chance to enjoy the team environment afforded to a sport like baseball.

Later today at 3:30 PM, the Boston College baseball team will play a softball game against veterans and members of the Wounded Warrior Project. Following the game, the Eagles will take part in a "Backpack Build," where they will put together care packages and essential items to be delivered to wounded veterans at the Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. The packs will be delivered by members of the Boston College alumni community.

The Eagles will then have a chance to sit and listen to Sal Gonzalez, a United States Marine Corps veteran who survived an IED attack.

For the members of the Boston College community, getting the chance to honor members of the Armed Forces is something that runs deep.

"It's hugely important (to us)," said head coach Mike Gambino. "One of the things we stress all the time in this program is to love our country, respect our flag, and revere our military. And this is a weekend that we get to do that and say thank you to some veterans. It is in line with our greater mission of a Jesuit university to be men and women for others, and it's something that the boys love.

"It's really cool to see them out there, talking to these veterans and listening to people who have served," he continued. "They make it possible for us to go do something silly like come out here and play baseball, right? It's something the boys always enjoy, and it's always a great weekend for us. Everything from being with these guys to having a barbecue, to listening to the veterans, to wearing the uniforms, it's just a fun weekend to be able to pay tribute to a group that we honor and respect so much."