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Boston College Baseball Vs. Florida State: Saturday Cancelled, Sunday First Pitch At 1:30

Heavy rains washed out the potential for a full three-game series. Teams will wrap up their now-two game series tomorrow afternoon under snow threat.

Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Following yesterday's 3-0 victory for Florida State over Boston College, the threat of rain and inclement weather forced the rescheduling of the final two games of the series. The original plan was to attempt a doubleheader beginning at 11 AM, with the second game to hopefully precede a third game between the two teams.

Instead, the rains came early in the Greater Boston area, pushing the doubleheader start back to 2:30 PM. But before the games could begin, torrential downpours washed out any hope of playing Saturday baseball.

As a result, Boston College will play Florida State in their regularly scheduled Sunday matchup, starting at 1:30 PM. The third game between the two schools will be cancelled.

This is the second weekend in a row where the Seminoles will endure a washout. Last weekend, two of their three games against NC State were cancelled due to inclement weather. Since the ACC does not make up rained out games after the weekend is over, the Seminoles have now lost a full weekend's slate of games into the league standings. That may negatively impact them as the season progresses.

As for Boston College, this is the first ACC washout of the season.

Sunday's game will be played within a window under the threat of continued bad weather. Snow is in the forecast at Shea Field for Sunday with anywhere from a coating to three inches due before Monday. That means temperatures are expected to be cold, and the game will have to get at least five innings in before it can be considered an official contest.

The game was originally scheduled to start at 1 PM.

It has not been announced as to who will start the game. Lefty Jesse Adams expected to start Saturday's game with righthanded pitcher Jacob Stevens starting the third game.