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Boston College Baseball Vs. Harvard: How To Watch, Game Info, & More

There's a traditional, old tyme feel heading down the street to take on a Beanpot rival.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Game Day Info

First Pitch: 3 PM
Venue: O'Donnell Field, Cambridge, Massachusetts (Capacity: 1,600)

How To Watch The Game

TV: Not available
Internet Streaming: Ivy League Digital Network (paid subscription required)
Audio: Video stream only

The Ivy League Digital Network is absolutely fantastic to watch something on with your computer. Having done work with the Ivy League, the broadcast capabilities are phenomenal and set a gold standard for watching a game. I haven't had a chance to work or watch baseball, but it's worth paying to watch a game. Production quality and value are worth the price of admission - even if BC wasn't playing.

No audio will be available for the game, however. If anyone is doing the game, it'll only be on the ILDN. So there's no audio exclusive alternative such as WZBC or Harvard radio or wherever. You have to catch the game with the paid subscription to the ILDN or catch it on social media.

How To Follow Along

If you're not up for that video, social media will have you covered. The Boston College twitter account at @BCBirdball and the Harvard account at @HarvardBaseball have you covered at the scene. We'll be tweeting at @BCInterruption, and @DanRubin12.