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Boston College Baseball Vs. #8 Florida State: How To Listen, Game Times, and Other Information

The game won't be televised, but that doesn't mean you can't check in to see how the Eagles fare this weekend against the top-ranked Seminoles.

Courtesy BC Athletics

Game Day Info

Friday First Pitch: 2:30 PM
Saturday First Pitch: 1:30 PM
Sunday First Pitch: 1:00 PM
Venue: Eddie Pellagrini Diamond at John Shea Field, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts (Capacity: 1,000)

How To Listen To The Game

Television: No television broadcast
Internet Streaming: No video stream
Audio: 106.1 FM-Tallahassee/Click here to listen

Florida State fans used to watching their team at plush Dick Howser Stadium are going to get an absolute rude awakening at Shea Field. For starters, the game isn't televised anywhere because the infrastructure of Shea Field doesn't support television broadcasts, something we always talk about. That also means, because of a lack of accessibility, there isn't a video stream online. Sorry, guys.

That means fans need to follow along the old fashioned way by sitting out and listening on the radio. Florida State's baseball website is advertising that 106.1 FM is carrying the game, which means they should be able to at least get a radio broadcast out of the deal.

And just think - this is before we talk about the weather (more on that in the First Pitch post later today).

How To Follow Along

Work commitments are going to keep me from the ballpark this weekend, much to my absolute chagrin. This is a weekend I was really looking forward to getting out to see, but, alas, big boy job is taking me away for the weekend, meaning I won't be out at Shea Field covering these games live.

You can, however, follow along through several areas on Twitter. We'll have updates as best as possible on @BCInterruption, but your best bets will likely be to check out the BC Twitter page at @BCBirdball or by following the FSU Twitter page at @FSUBaseball.