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Boston College Baseball Vs. Florida State: Five Good Minutes With Tomahawk Nation

One of the biggest marquees in ACC baseball arrives in Chestnut Hill this weekend for a three-game series. We sat down with Andrew Miller from the Seminoles' SB Nation site, Tomahawk Nation, to discuss the Atlantic Division leaders.

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For more analysis of the Florida State baseball team, be sure to check out Tomahawk Nation by visiting their site. You can get there easily by clicking here.

BC Interruption: Arguably no team in ACC baseball carries the name branding weight of Florida State. Head coach Mike Martin has well over 1,800 career victories. What has made them such a power player on the national scene?

Tomahawk Nation: The thing that makes FSU a power player nationally is the consistent success of the program. For starters, FSU has never finished a season below .500 in school history. Having a great reacord and being as old of a program as they are (1948 was the first season), people start to notice.

The 'Noles are also always showcased in the postseason, hosting numerous regionals and super regionals, so when people think of FSU baseball, they think of postseason.

BCI: FSU hasn't missed a national tournament since 1977, even though they haven't been to Omaha since 2012. How great is the pressure to win, and was there a level of disappointment seeing Virginia win the ACC's national title instead of the 'Noles?

TN: There's always a disappointment seeing someone else win the title, but it just adds fuel to the fire for the next season. I wouldn't say there is great pressure to win despite never winning a national championship, but it is frustrating to get so far and come up empty-handed.

They are, however, putting themselves up for a shot every season, getting into the postseason each of the past 38 years. Regarding the status of Mike Martin - he is in no danger of getting relieved, being the prolific coach he has become in 37 years at the school.

BCI: FSU seems to always have that sure thing prospect. In the past, it was guys like Stephen Drew, Buster Posey, or James Ramsey. More recently, it was DJ Stewart. Who are the next prospects coming out of the FSU program that BC fans should take note of?

TN: Although there isn't a consensus first round pick on the team, FSU does have some great veterans on the team.

Third baseman John Sansone is off to a very, very hot start, hitting .385 with three homers and 31 RBI. He leads the NCAA in career games played as well.

On the mound, senior Mike Compton, who will likely start Friday's game, got off to a great start before faltering slightly. Coming into this weekend, he has a 3-1 record with a 4.02 ERA and pitches to contact. He missed a few weeks during the season last year; however, he leads the Seminoles thus far with 31.1 innings.

BCI: The 'Noles are pistol hot to start the year, but they've only played five road games, going 3-2, including a loss at Pittsburgh. How would you characterize the start of the season?

TN: The start of the season is just a result of everything coming together.

The bullpen is the highlight of this team with Ed and Jim Voyles, redshirt sophomore twins, giving up two combined earned runs in 42 innings pitched. In total, the bullpen has five pitchers who have pitched 11+ innings and have an ERA under 1.59.

After some lineup shuffling, Florida State has found a consistent lineup after mixing and matching earlier in the season. They are now led by shortstop Taylor Walls, who ever since moving to the leadoff spot has been on fire. He has an on-base percentage of .483 and leads the team with seven stolen bases.

BCI: Coming up to Boston, what are the expectations for the Seminoles heading into this series? At the end of the weekend, how does FSU come out with a victory, and what would be the way for BC to pick up wins?

TN: As any road series is concerned, winning two out of three is usually the goal and would fare well for FSU as they prepare for a tough stretch of games against Texas Tech, Louisville, and Florida.

If BC wants to win, they need to jump on the 'Noles starting pitching early. With the bullpen as solid as they are, if they aren't in the lead when Coach Martin goes to them, it might be too late.

Another thing is to get the bat on the ball. Florida State has had poor success fielding the ball all season, with the starting infield, minus first base, all committing at least six errors this season.

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