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BC Interruption: The Podcast Talks Birdball With Baseball America's Michael Lananna

A writer with one of the foremost baseball publications in the sport's universe, this is the perfect opportunity for us to dive into the perspective of the program and the challenges and opportunities faced from the outside for Boston College.

Courtesy BC Athletics

Boston College baseball is out to a flying start, winning 12 of their first 15 games. This past weekend, in a thrilling three game series, the Eagles went down to Raleigh and knocked off the NC State Wolfpack for their first opening series win since the magical NCAA Tournament season of 2009.

This season seems to feel different than the last couple of years for the Birdballers. Despite losing Chris Shaw in the lineup, they've become a roster built on production from hitters at every point in the lineup. The pitching staff opened the year with an incredible run, including both Mike King and Jacob Stevens.

Diving into this season, we sit down with Baseball America's Michael Lananna. A keen follower of the ACC down in North Carolina, he had a front row seat to BC's weekend series. Given the chance to talk with him, we dove into the state of BC baseball, including the challenges the Eagles face in terms of facilities and location as a northern team in a southern league.

This is a totally different perspective from what we're used to talking about inside the Chestnut Hill walls!