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First Pitch: Last Non-Conference Game Allows One Last Local Statement

Before BC plays Notre Dame, the Eagles play one last non-conference game against a Maine team representing the last step in local supremacy.

BC Athletics

On Paper

Record: 22-24 (8-9 America East Conference)
Last Time Out: Swept Binghamton (7-1, 3-2, 9-0); Last lost at NYIT on 5/3 (8-6)

Around the Horn

This is the last time BC's pitching staff will have to parse anything together before the final weekend against Notre Dame. As a result, it's unlikely they'll lay it on the line. There's nothing left for them to prove in non-conference action, and there's no way this game is going to be the difference between making the tournament and not.

What it is, however, is a chance to shine for the final time for some of these guys. We've watched the Eagles evolve into a team with a talented, shortened pitching staff. We don't see many of the depth guys come off the bench as much anymore, so it'll be a good opportunity for some of the guys on the bump to make the jump against a talented lineup. For some of the upperclass members, it might be the final time to show what they got. For the youngins, it's a chance to show they're ready to take the mantle.

Speaking of older guys, Maine is a deep, older lineup that's stocked with aged wonders. Luke Morrill is hitting .365 on the year with 27 RBI and 15 doubles. He leads a Black Bear roster sporting its top six hitters as either seniors or juniors. Brett Chappell and Sam Balzano are both hitting .327, with Chappell leading the roster with 36 RBI. Scott Heath is hitting .313 with 29 RBI and 16 doubles of his own.

This is a very capable lineup with nary a single hitter hitting under .200. Only one part time player (Jonathan Salcedo) is hitting under .200. Their .284 lineup is capable of mashing every pitcher they'll face, and this is going to be a very tough match. If someone wants to make the jump, they'll need to do it against players who love to hit.

On The Bump

The pitching staff is a little bit of the opposite for the Black Bears; as good as they are at hitting the ball, they're very susceptible to getting bombed by opposing pitchers.

In roughly 400 innings this year, the Maine team is giving up just between four and five runs per game. While that's good, opponents are just a shade under .300 against them batting. The BC bats proved a few times this year that they feast on poor pitching, and living on the edge is not something the Black Bears want to do.

I mean, the lineup just kind of plugs along at this point for BC. There's not a whole lot there to really bank against. We know what we're going to get.

Scoreboard Watching

There is virtually nothing worth watching on the scoreboard until the weekend.

Music To Listen To As You're Finishing Out Some Games

The Doors - This Is The End. After a long, hard season, we're finally reaching the end of the line for the Boston College baseball season. Unlike previous years, this one had so much promise and then fizzled at the end. Usually BC goes on a mad dash run at the end of the year to bring some respectability, but the Eagles were never behind the eight ball this year. But as they're on the verge of coming up short from where they were at during April, it's going to be a very hard pill to swallow. This is a personal favorite song from the master himself, Jim Morrison.

Fun Fact Of The Week

With a win, the Eagles can finish with 17 non-conference wins, making them the undisputed champion of New England college baseball. It will also be the most non-conference wins since they won 18 during the 31-23 season in 2009, the last time BC made the national tournament.

Prediction Time

BC wins because why not? I'm focusing on Notre Dame with a chance to make the ACC Tournament.