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ACC Baseball Tournament: Eagles One Game Back From Dancing In Durham

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Four series left for Eagles include a huge one this weekend against Georgia Tech.

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

With roughly 12 games left on the ACC baseball calendar for the Boston College Eagles, the window and margin for error is becoming smaller and smaller. At present, the Eagles are in last place in the ACC Atlantic Division but are only one game back of the 10th and final playoff spot for the conference tournament.

With series left against Georgia Tech, North Carolina, Virginia Tech, and Notre Dame, the Birds will face an uphill battle. Let's take a look at where things stand as of this week's slate of games. At present the part that's the most interesting is the massive logjam in the middle of the playoffs race. Five teams—half the ACC Tournament field—are all 9-9 with a sixth team one-half game back (the North Carolina State team that I'm sure wishes they could go back and play that 20 degree game against BC right now).

The Eagles, meanwhile, sit on the outside looking in but are breathing down the Hokies' neck. We're zeroing in on the series against Virginia Tech as what might be the biggest difference between getting in and not getting in right now. It is absolutely imperative for BC to win that series, which is in Blacksburg to start May.

The road to the ACC Tournament is not going to be easy with series left against all teams that are in the playoffs and fighting for a potential at-large bid to the national tournament. Additionally, of the four series left, only one after this weekend—the season finale against Notre Dame—is going to be at home. That means BC is going to have to be able to win their way into Durham by winning on the road, including at Chapel Hill.

Here's the rundown of the postseason table:

Place Team Record Games Behind (Conf.) Games Behind (Div.)
A1) Louisville 16-2 -- --
C1) Miami 14-4 2.0 --
3) Florida State 11-7 5.0 5.0
T-4) Georgia Tech 9-9 7.0 5.0
T-4) Notre Dame 9-9 7.0 7.0
T-4) North Carolina 9-9 7.0 5.0
T-4) Wake Forest 9-9 7.0 7.0
T-4) Clemson 9-9 7.0 7.0
9) North Carolina State 8-9 7.5 7.5
10) Virginia Tech 7-10 8.0 6.5
11) Virginia 7-12 9.0 7.5
12) Boston College 6-11 9.0 9.5
13) Pitt 6-12 9.5 8.0
14) Duke 5-13 10.5 9.0