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Boston College Baseball: 2017 2B Recruit Brandon Stone Commits to BC

Switch-hitting product of Florida is also capable of playing catcher.

Unlike some of the other collegiate sports, baseball's recruiting cycle happens at the complete opposite time of convenience. Since baseball runs from February through June, recruiting needs to happen in the fall offseason. As a result, coaches are forced to recruit athletes and receive commitments well before the start of their senior season. Since the bulk is done in the offseason, as it is with any sport, baseball requires an athlete to put together a solid junior year with a good summer before maintaining or improving performance during his senior season.

With this academic year encompassing the 2016 Boston College baseball season, the Eagles are then recruiting for 2017 and beyond. And although they are currently extremely deep at the middle infield position, flush with a crop of freshmen and sophomores, they're trying to recruit now for the season when these players will be juniors or possibly even seniors.

This week, BC did just that, receiving the commitment of Florida prep school product Brandon Stone.

Stone is considered a top-100 middle infielder in his recruiting class and a top-100 recruit in the state of Florida. He has a very quick bat with a level swing through the zone. Listed as a switch-hitter by some websites, Perfect Game USA has him as a lefty with the capability of playing multiple positions. In addition to the infield, the righty's played corner infield and catcher, in addition to pitching.  He projects to the type of player Boston College is looking to build with - a utility style player capable of playing multiple positions, with good jump getting off the bases.

Stone is the fifth commit and second middle infielder to commit to the Eagles for the 2017 season. He is one of two top-500 athletes, along with catcher Aaron Soucy. BC is currently a top-100 recruiting class, although the rankings only take into consideration total cumulative points as opposed to average number per player.

Congratulations to Stone on his commitment, and welcome to the heights!