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Strike Out ALS: The Ice Bucket Challenge

In honor of BC's own Pete Frates

Boston College Athletics

There's a bit of a thing going around BC called the "Ice Bucket Challenge" to raise awareness for ALS. BC students and alumni are specifically doing this in honor of BC's Pete Frates, a former BC center fielder diagnosed with ALS, known as Lou Gherig's Disease.

Somehow we've gotten involved here at BCI.

The gist of it is, if someone challenges you in a video to dump a bucket of ice water on your head, you record yourself doing it, say you're doing it for Pete Frates and Strike Out ALS, and challenge three other people. Stephanie St. Martin, the face behind the @BCAlumni Twitter account, challenged me on Facebook, and, well, who am I to stand in the way of the Frate Train?

Roll tape.

I went big with my challenges.

First up is Brian Favat, the blogfather himself. Naturally.

EDIT: Not only did Brian complete the challenge, but he also challenged New Guy Dan Rubin, AJ Black, and Johnny Gaudreau:

Next up is BCEagle74 himself, Stephen Salerno. The man, the myth, the Texas legend. A little crazy. Really, a lot crazy, but that's exactly why we know he'll do it. You can use the bunny mask if you want to.

EDIT: 74 did it! Here's the video proof:

Finally -- I said we were going big here -- the quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons, BC legend Matt Ryan. There's plenty of ice and water down at camp, Matty Ice. Do it for BC.

EDIT: A clean sweep! Matt Ryan did it! Not only did he do it, he did it with a gigantic Gatorade barrel and a sack full of ice.

If I can get all three to do it, I win 3 (this is for Pete Frates, after all) Whose Line points for my efforts. This is all to raise awareness for a great cause to fight a terrible disease that's stricken a member of the BC family.

You don't have to be challenged to help. You can donate to The Pete Frates #3 Fund here. But who doesn't like a face full of ice water on a sticky summer day?