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2014 ACC Baseball Championship Playoff Picture

Eagles on the outside looking in, but with a prime opportunity to gain ground over the next few series.

The Boston College baseball team notched just its second win of the season this weekend, but the Eagles still have a chance to qualify for this year's ACC Baseball Championship down in Greensboro as the schedule eases a bit down the stretch.

The good news is that the toughest part of the ACC schedule is now in Boston College's rear-view mirror. The Eagles have already faced the top three teams in the league standings -- Florida State (0-3), Virginia (0-3) and Miami (0-3) -- and four of the top five including Wake Forest (1-2). The remaining schedule from here on out eases up considerably, starting with a three-game set this weekend against the only team below BC in the league standings, Notre Dame (1-14-0).

Boston College has series remaining with teams currently in 14th (Notre Dame), 12th (N.C. State), 10th (Maryland), 7th (Pittsburgh) and 4th (Clemson) in the league standings, while avoiding Georgia Tech (6th), Duke (9th) and Virginia Tech (11th) entirely this season.

If BC is going to make a serious run at its first ACC Baseball Championship appearance since 2010, it's going to need to make up some ground in the league standings. That has to start this weekend with a three game set out in South Bend against the program's former coach, Mik Aoki.

ACC Standings:

1. Florida State (26-5-0, 13-2-0)* - Atlantic Division leader
2. Virginia (27-5-0, 12-3-0)* - Coastal Division leader
3. Miami (21-12-0, 11-4-0)
4. Clemson (20-10-0, 9-4-0)
5. Wake Forest (22-12-0, 10-5-0)
6. Georgia Tech (19-13-0, 8-7-0)
7. Pittsburgh (16-15-0, 8-7-0)
8. North Carolina (18-13-0, 7-8-0)
9. Duke (17-16-0, 7-8-0)
10. Maryland (19-10-0, 6-8-0)
11. Virginia Tech (14-15-1, 5-10-0)
12. N.C. State (18-12-0, 4-10-0)
13. Boston College (10-20-0, 2-13-0)
14. Notre Dame (10-20-0, 1-14-0)