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BC-FSU Moved to URI


The Barnstorming Birdballers of Boston College are at it again. Due to the storm hitting New England this week, the weekend series between Boston College and the #1-ranked Florida State Seminoles is being moved from Massachusetts to the lovely bandbox at the University of Rhode Island. That means more home games over an hour from home as Shea Field remains unplayable due to cold weather conditions.

This will be the second consecutive weekend of games moved, and it becomes the sixth, seventh, and eighth games moved due to this issue. BC will now have played games at Northeastern and Bryant, with one game postponed against Holy Cross.

While enjoying the scenic location of Kingston, Rhode Island, the Seminoles and Eagles will enjoy 27 innings of baseball from the luxurious Beck Baseball Field.

Opened in 1966, Beck Field has the same artificial surface as the Baggie Dome in Minnesota; Tropicana Catwalk Central in Tampa Bay; and the Rogers Centre/Skydome in Toronto. The playing surface is thanks to a $1 million donation. Still to come are new press boxes, grandstands, and bleachers, but they do have an indoor hitting facility.

I'm just wondering if the change in travel arrangements will force Florida State to fly differently. The Seminoles have no need to even come to Boston, so they should probably fly into Green Airport in Warwick, then stay in Providence while helping themselves to Caserta Pizza. They can also get their inner Mo Vaughn on if they do so well please.

Maybe the lack of atmosphere will hurt them. After all, it's not like they just had a benches clearing incident with Florida before a packed house or anything. Or it could be that BC is trying to show their athletes where they can transfer to after the athletic department cuts baseball (THERE, YOU HAPPY NOW PEOPLE)