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Frates Family Expecting Baby Eagle

Proving to you that the human spirit can conquer anything.

The Heights

In a bit of awesome news released in this week's Boston Herald, Boston College director of baseball operations and resident ALS spokesperson Pete Frates announced that he and his wife, Julie, are expecting a child in September. While this isn't the type of news that we typically report, the news should be celebrated given Pete's fight against ALS and his impact on the Boston College athletic department since his shocking announcement two years ago.

Frates, 29, is currently in Florida with the BC baseball team for their exhibition game with the Boston Red Sox. Last year, he threw out the first pitch of the game from his wheelchair after being accompanied by former Boston College pitcher and Red Sox prospect Terry Doyle (now with the Chicago White Sox organization).

Since being diagnosed in March, 2012 with Lou Gehrig's Disease, Frates quickly established himself as one of the faces fighting the sickness. Undergoing a wide variety of treatments, including experimental procedures, he's been at the forefront of fundraising efforts. With Frates, Boston College established an ALS Awareness Game, played annually by the Eagles baseball team.

Congratulations to Pete and his wife, Julie, on their wonderful addition. And remember - if it's a son, left-handed curveball relief pitchers pitch until they're in their 40s in the majors!