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AdvoCare V100 'Independence' Bowl Tickets: Get Your Boston College Tickets Here

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Support the program and buy through Boston College.


We know that Boston College will face Arizona in the 2013 AdvoCare Bowl on December 31 at 12:30 p.m. Eastern (11:30 a.m. Central) in Shreveport. The question is how do we get tickets?

Boston College athletics is selling its block of tickets for just $20 to $30. The $20 seats are in the endzone and $30 on the sidelines. Fans who purchase bowl tickets will be entered for a chance to win one of 10 pairs of 2014 football season tickets. That's a pretty sweet deal when you consider that next year's schedule is back to seven home games with dates against USC, Clemson, Louisville, Pittsburgh and Syracuse. Colorado State and Maine too!

But wait, there's more! The Athletics Department will also match each bowl ticket purchase with the opportunity to purchase a ticket (matching one to one up to four, supplies limited) to next season's home game against USC. That's a steal for arguably BC's best home game next season.

If you can't make the game, you can purchase discounted, $20 game tickets which will be donated to charity organizations in the Shreveport area as well as Boston College community outreach groups.

Bowl selection is a fickle beast and yes, there's probably no stopping Notre Dame from stealing all the good ACC bowl games away from everyone else starting next year. But every I-Bowl ticket sold through BC helps show next year's bowl committees that the Eagles are serious about this whole college football postseason thing, oversubscribed as it may be. And if you can't make the game, consider making a donation by purchasing an I-Bowl ticket to help the Shreveport area, BC's community outreach groups and the football program. Win-win.

I just bought my tickets to the game and will see you all there. Go Eagles!