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A Look At Boston College's 2013 AdvoCare V100 'Independence' Bowl Schwag

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To the victor 7-5 college football team goes the spoils ...

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Still can't pay players, but all bowl-bound student-athletes (up to 125 participants per team) may receive up to $550 of free stuff. Schwag! Sports Business Daily broke down the list of this season's College Football Bowl Gifts. Here's what the Eagles will be receiving this year from the folks at the AdvoCare V100 'Independence' Bowl:

-- Gift suite shopping spree where players are allowed to select one or more gifts up to a predetermined value
-- Timely Watch Co. watch, a timeless memento
-- New Era skull cap, sound frightening
-- Football, which is important given, you know, the sport these kids play

Should the Eagles have landed in the Heart of Dallas Bowl as a replacement bowl team, they'd only come away with a gift suite, Fitbit Flex watch, ESPN cap and a football. I'd say the team made out pretty well this year, all things considered.

Next year, perhaps the program should hold out for that Military Bowl bid and a new Sony Playstation 4. I'm only kidding. Sort of.