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Boston College Gif Of The Year Nominations

Because this is what we do in the offseason.

Streeter Lecka

Women's lacrosse has been eliminated, baseball is... er... not in the playoffs, and football is months away. Now is the perfect time of the year to unveil the Boston College Gif Of The Year tournament!

We have several nominees already, though we're hoping to have more entries so we can trim out some of the lesser options. Last year we didn't even hold a tournament because everyone knows what would have won:



Brian has decided that Pitbull is ineligible, so, unless people totally overwhelm him saying otherwise, no Pitbull allowed:


So now we need your suggestions. The gif has to have something to do with Boston College (former Eagles in the pros are eligible, for example, as well as non-athletics gifs if you can find them).

If you have a great clip in a YouTube video and wish it could be a gif, let us know and we can try to gif it for you.

Finally, if anyone can get me this in YouTube form, that'd be sweet, because I'd love to gif this as an entry.

Let's do it. Shout out to Card Chronicle who we're totally stealing this idea from. #GoACC