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BC Interruption Hall Of Fame Class of 2019: BCI Inducts Brian Gionta

The second inductee to the 2019 class

Boston College Vs. Boston University Photo by John Bohn/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

We began our BC Interruption Hall of Fame Class of 2019 inductions yesterday with Mike Mottau, and today we continue by inducting another men’s hockey legend into the prestigious BC Interruption Hall of Fame community: Brian Gionta.

Gionta and Mottau actually played for three of their respective four years together at the Heights, and while we thought it might be a bit much to name two men’s hockey players to the Hall of Fame in the same season, would anyone complain about the two legends Mottau and Gionta getting in? Absolutely not.

Gionta felt like perhaps the most glaring omission of anyone from the BCI Hall of Fame. He is the men’s hockey program’s all-time leading goal scorer with 123 career tallies to go with a whopping 232 points. Five of those goals were scored in a legendary first period against Maine back in 2001, a D1 record that still stands to this day. But perhaps most important to his resume, it was Gionta who captained the Boston College Men’s Hockey team to its breakthrough national championship in the 2000-2001 season.

Gionta joins Johnny Gaudrau (HOF ‘18) and Mike Mottau (HOF ‘19) as fellow members of the men’s hockey team inducted into the BCI Hall of Fame. You can check in on the rest of the members of the BCI HoF right here.

Congratulations to Brian Gionta on his induction, and stop by the site over the next several days as we announce the rest of the BCI Hall of Fame Class of 2019!