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BC Interruption Hall Of Fame Class of 2019: BCI Inducts Mike Mottau

The Gopher’s Dave Spehar gets the squeeze put on him by Boston College’s goalie Greg Taylor and Mike Mottau as Spehar attempts to ge to the puck ist period action at Marriuci.(Photo by MARLIN LEVISON/Star Tribune via Getty Images)

Well it’s that time of year again: the time we announce former BC athletic players and personnel to be inducted into the BCI Hall of Fame.

If you want to see who we have previously inducted, check out this page.

Our first induction is former BC hockey player Mike Mottau.

Mottau has the honor of being one of three BC men’s hockey players who have won the prestigious Hobey Baker Award during his tenure. A four year player at the Heights, he netted 157 points, the most of any BC defenseman, and 27 goals. Mottau is also the career record-holder for assists in a career with 130. Mottau also was a part of three Frozen Four appearances, including one as captain his senior year.

Mottau had a 14 year career in the NHL after his career at the Heights, including a three year career with the New Jersey Devils.

Check on the site over the next few days for more inductees!