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BC Interruption Hall Of Fame Class of 2019: BCI Inducts Jared Dudley

NCAA Second Round - Boston College v Georgetown Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

As I thought about whom to unilaterally send into the BCI Hall of Fame with zero input from my editor, colleagues, or friends, I considered what happens when we get past the obvious nominations: Flutie, Gaudreau, Montgomery, et al. It is then that the Hall of Fame risks becoming the “Hall of Very Good” or the “Hall of Fan Favorites” or the “Hall of Players I Have A Soft Spot For Because They Were Nice When We Had A Group Project.”

I don’t think any of that is at risk when Jared Dudley is inducted this year. His accomplishments speak for themselves. He played four years on the Heights and started every game until a stress fracture held him out his senior year. He’s top-ten in career points, field goals, steals, rebounds, and games played (2nd overall with 130). He’s a warrior. He’s a fighter. He’s an Eagle.

He began his career as a third-team Freshman All American and it only went up from there. As a sophomore he exploded onto a more national scene when he won Big East Most Improved Player. He would make it onto the All-Conference teams for the Big East and ACC the next three years. As a Senior, he was named a unanimous All-ACC first teamer, a second team All-American, and the ACC Player of the Year. Not too bad of a list.

But it was never just about the individual achievements for Dudley. He always made the BC team around him better. His hustle, his energy, his willingness to put his body on the line helped propel the Eagles to the NCAA tournament in every year of his career. The Eagles made two Sweet Sixteens in that stretch.

Dudley went 22nd overall in the 2007 NBA Draft, and has had a successful, decade long professional career that has been entertaining both on and off the court. And though we don’t take time in the pros into account for the BCI Hall of Fame, we’re proud of our alumni. Congratulations Jared, and maybe we’ll see you back in Conte one day (please?).