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BC Interruption Radio

BCI Radio - So Much To Talk...Tonight at 8 PM!

We've got football and basketball talk and your calls! 646-200-0446

BCI Radio Loads Up For Pinstripe Bowl Coverage!

Three shows are on the books to get you pumped up for bowl week, including a special edition Bowl Pregame Show live at 10 AM on Saturday, 12/27!

Eastern Bias Takeover Week on BCI Radio!

Football talk gets shelved until next week as Joe and Shep stage their first ever takeover of the BCI Radio airwaves.

BCI Radio's Football Postmortem at 8 PM!

Football is over, but we'll recap the pigskin season before transitioning things to the hardwood. We'll talk to Eric Hoffses and Dan Doolan along with your calls at 646-200-0446.

The BCI Radio Crew Talks With Nunes Magician at 8!

Boston College wraps up its 2014 home slate with Rivalry Weekend against Syracuse. Will we finally learn Otto's gender affiliation? Who takes home Orange Eagle points? So much riding on the line, so call in at 646-200-0446

Talk Boston College and Florida State at 8 PM

Everyone circles the week on the calendar with the Seminoles. For the Eagles? It's finally here.

Talk Louisville and Bowls with Dan and AJ at 8 PM!

BCI Radio returns Tuesday night to talk about the game with the Hokies, the upcoming game with the Cardinals, and where BC's postseason drive might take them. Call in at 646-200-0446!

Talk Turkey at 8 PM

Call in at 646-200-0446 as BCI Radio goes live with the Hokies.

#TheRivalry Radio Launches at 8 PM

Blogger So Dear joins us. We will try to be nice.

Clemson Week Goes Live on the Air at 8 PM

BCI Radio is back, and this time, it's for a trophy. Clemson comes to town on Saturday. Dan and AJ have you covered. 646-200-0446 at 8 PM

BCI Radio Gets Back To Football at 8 PM

A bye week and a great interview guest on Monday are in our rear view. It's back to football as the Eagles get set for NC State on Saturday

BCI Radio Discusses "30 for 30" at 8 PM

Jim and Maura Sweeney were right in the middle of the maelstrom surrounding Boston College basketball during the 1978-1979 season. We speak to them live tonight.

Jim and Maura Sweeney to Join BCI radio on Monday

A central figure from ESPN 30 for 30's "Playing for the Mob," Jim and his wife will join BCI Radio on Monday to discuss their experiences from that fateful season of Boston College basketball.

BCI Radio is LIVE for the Pitt Preview at 8 PM

Get your pierogies ready.

BCI Radio Talks UMass LIVE at 8 PM

Pardon the BC Interruption gets you primed and ready for the first game of the season. UMass is just days away at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro!

BCI Radio Talks Sonny Milano With the CHL

Donald Harkins joins Dan Rubin and Joe Gravallese in a discussion about Milano's decision to forego BC for the Plymouth Whalers

BCI Radio Is Now On iTunes!

Get our sweet, silky smooth vocals anytime, any place with your Apple mobile device.

BCI Radio: NCAA vs. OHL on Monday at 8 PM

A can't miss show invited the OHL on air to discuss the Sonny Milano Affair in a special edition of Pardon the BC Interruption.

BCI Radio Returns TONIGHT at 8 PM

Tune in via any mobile or Internet-ready device or call in at 646-200-0446!

Austin Tedesco Talks BC Football on Tuesday!

BCI Radio kicks off its 2014 season with a preseason spectacular at 8 PM EST!

Two weeks until Pardon the BC Interruption!

The BCI Radio Show, brought to you by FanDuel, begins anew on August 19th!

BCI Radio Has BC Football Covered in '14

Our second year of the best BC coverage anywhere returns each Tuesday at 8 PM starting next month!

BCI Radio's NFL Draft Recap LIVE at 8 PM EST

AJ Black and Dan Rubin are in studio to talk about Boston College in the NFL Draft, its impact, and the future of some of the Eagles heading to play on Sundays.

BCI Business Report LIVE at 8 PM EST

Michael Sheehan stops by as we talk about Brad Bates' first full year at the BC helm - successes, failures, and opportunities for growth into the summer and beyond.

BC Interruption Radio Gets Frozen at 8 PM EST

Your best stop for all things Frozen Four as the Eagles get set for the City of Brotherly Love!

Jim Christian Hired! BCI Radio Reacts at 8 PM

Special one-hour plus edition for you to weigh in with calls about the hiring of the next BC basketball coach.

BCI Radio Talks Basketball's Coaching Search at 8!

What the hell's goin' on out there!

Upcoming BCI Radio Shows

Three shows already scheduled into the future so you can plan your nights accordingly and tune in for hot sports takes about Boston College athletics!

Pardon the BC Interruption: It's TOURNEY TIME!

Tune in at 8 PM as Dan, Grant, and Joe prep you for the NCAA Tournament with the breakdown of the Denver game and more!

Pardon the BC Interruption Talks Tourney

BCI Radio Show returns at 8 PM EST on Tuesday as the Eagles prepare to take on Denver in Worcester!

Donahue Fired; BCI Radio Discusses at 8 PM

Voice your opinion as to where BC goes from here.

BCI Radio Returns Tuesday With More Anger

Donahue's most likely back. Men's hockey didn't make the Garden. Women's hockey didn't win any trophies. Angry? Upset? Want to take it out on someone? Tuesday at 8, we'll give you that chance.


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