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BCI Radio: Interview With Jeff Jagodzinski

Catching up with Coach Jags

Remember this? I remember this. Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

BCI Radio is back in a big way this week.

BC Interruption Radio is thrilled to welcome former Boston College football head coach Jeff Jagodzinski to the show. We went in-depth with Coach Jags on just about everything we wanted to know about before, during, and after his time on the Heights.

In addition to a discussion about getting hired to coach Boston College and what made the Eagles successful during his years at BC, this is Coach Jagodzinski’s first time going on the record about his abrupt departure from the program after his interview with the New York Jets. What happened? What would he have done differently if he did it over again? We wanted to know.

A huge thanks to Coach Jags for taking quite a bit of time to sit down with us and talk about his time at the Heights. There’s no denying that his two years at BC were some of the most exciting the program has ever had, and we enjoyed having the opportunity to talk about it with the man himself.