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BCI Radio Kicks Off 2014 Tonight at 8 PM EST!

IT'S TIME FOR BC TO GET BACK TO FOOTBALL. Call in at (646) 200-0446 to have your voice heard!

Alex Trautwig

The time for training is done.  The time for preparation starts now.

With Boston College hard at work making preparations for their game next week against Massachuetts, let's dive right into the 2014 season with your BCI Radio preseason spectacular.

Tune in at 8 PM EST and talk with Dan "New Guy" Rubin and AJ Black as they kick off the Boston College football season.  They'll be looking at the roster and how it's shaped up from Signing Day to today.  They'll close off the loose ends of 2013 and look ahead to the start of the 2014 season, now just under two weeks away.  The roster, the schedule, the toughness, the dudes - it's all here.

They'll also be joined at around 8:30 PM by Austin Tedesco (@tedescau) of The Heights and to discuss the upcoming season.  Austin will provide insight from training camp on some of the situational observations, position battles, and standouts.

We'll also continue our tradition of taking your calls!  Got a question, an observation, a hope, or a thought on the upcoming season of football?  Have your voice heard by dialing in and letting us know.  Disagree with anything that's said?  LET US KNOW.  Weigh in both on the phone lines and in the message board as the season gets kick started.

To listen, simply click the player below or visit the attached link for Blog Talk Radio.  As an added feature, be sure to subscribe to our podcasts on iTunes once we get them up and running on the player - we'll let you know as soon as they're available on demand!  As always, they'll be available on demand from our Blog Talk Radio site as well.

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