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BCI Radio Has Boston College Football Covered in 2014

Season 2 of your favorite Eagles radio program and podcast kicks off next month with full preseason football coverage each Tuesday at 8 PM EST!

Last season, you helped make BC Interruption's new radio show one of the hottest new stops for talk, coverage, and interaction for the Boston College Eagles network of sports.

This year, we're going to take it to another level.

BCI Radio returns next month to kick off an entire slate of radio programming.  Every Tuesday at 8 PM during football season, we'll have a robust, full show of stats and analysis from the previous week's game.  We'll take your calls as we did last year, and we'll be talking with other reporters from the ACC SB Nation family of websites and beyond.  Tune in each week to talk about the Eagles' performance, and we'll turn the page with you to kick off the upcoming week's worth of football posts.

Already we have the first two shows scheduled, so make sure to pencil your calendars!  Just a reminder that our shows are always available on demand, and we're even looking into having them docked in iTunes!  So there's no excuse for not getting caught up on your best BC coverage anywhere.