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The BCI Business Report - Tuesday at 8 PM EST

We start the wrap up of our Spring, 2014 shows with a look back at the marketing efforts during Brad Bates' first full academic year running Boston College athletics. Where did BC succeed? Where did it fail? And what can BC do to increase its visibility and impact from an administrative level?

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The 2013-2014 academic calendar is winding down, and sports in the Boston College landscape are finally saying farewell to a memorable year. From the resurgence of the football program to the run to glory for the hockey program to the meteoric drop of the basketball program, there's been plenty to talk about and there's been plenty to argue about.

But as Boston College prepares to graduate its class of 2014, we take the opportunity to look back at where this year's impact can be felt the most - off the field. Championships, winning seasons, bowl berths, and new coaches might be great to talk about, but why are we talking about them? How has this year been in terms of marketing and business, and how strong is the BC brand as it gets set to take a hiatus for the summer months?

Michael Sheehan drops by to analyze the Boston College brand with the first ever BCI Business Report. With Brad Bates' first full year at the helm squarely in the books, we look at the successes, the failures, and the road ahead. What opportunities still exist for advancement, and what can we do as fans to help advance the brand from our point of view?

Dial in at 646-200-0446 and weigh in with your thoughts about Bates and the athletic department's overall approach to 2013-2014!

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